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The Importance of PLAY

This week has been dedicated to painting...and some real progress has been made with two paintings finished this far.
With that said, I have been receiving a bunch emails about character design and construction.

With character design one of the most important elements is PLAY.

Ward Kimball once told me he did about 300 designs to get Jimminy Cricket...The character began very much as an insect and worked it's way to the little dude with the tophat.

Here is a drawing with non descript characters - just playing around with some structure

Here are few fun sketches I found as I was going through some drawings...these are play sketches with no particular purpose in mind except to just play with some character ideas.

Here are a few lady characters

For me this is the most fun part of designing characters....

I had to make up a folder about online lessons and a few minutes later this guy was on my board

These kinds of drawings are usually drawn in sketchbooks while at the local cafe.

Remember to keep it fun and PLAY tons of drawings!!!