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Imaginary Forces: 17 Years Later

Studio's demo reel from 2000 reveals their profound influence on title design

Demo reels serve as the primary sales tool for studios, but they also act as unintentional time capsules reflecting the tastes and attitudes of the company, their clients, and the audiences they target.

But sometimes demo reels capture more than the summary of a group’s creative output.

As expected, the Imaginary Forces reel from 2000 (below), glimpses younger days of talented people, but it also reads like an unofficial record of a decade’s most visible media culture.

And while the rapid proliferation of studios since 2000 makes it unlikely a single studio will dominate motion design to this degree again, IF’s newest reel (bottom) demonstrates the striking, innovative nature of their work shows no sign of fading with time.

Demo reel 2000:

Capabilities Reel 2017:

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