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I Suggest That You Check This Symposium Out

My friend, Otto Alder, Co Head of the Animation Department at Lucerne International Animation Academy, is organizing a symposium primarily directed at researchers, lecturers and students in the field of media.  He would like to encourage an environment for a theoretical debate about animation as an art form.  He has assembled an impressive roster of support from some of the top names in the field of animation.
Even if the topics of proposed discussion are not in your particular area of interest it is definitely worth checking out.  You can stay abreast of the plans by contacting the email address near the end of the article.

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Lucerne International Animation Academy 8-12 of December 2009

The institute Design of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts will organise the first Lucerne International Animation Academy from the 8–12 of December 2009. The goal of this Symposium is to encourage a theoretical debate about current and historical questions of animation as an independent form of the “Moving Picture Production” in Switzerland.

This event mainly addresses researchers, lecturers and students in the field of media (animation, film, special effects). During this unique platform in Lucerne, highly qualified lecturers from theory and practice will discuss topics about animation.

The questions on the specifics of dramaturgy in animation film will be the main focus. It will be discussed whether it is right to use dramaturgic concepts of real films for animation. The objective is to find out whether or not there are independent rules for the Dramaturgy in animation films. Presentations, keynotes, workshops and film presentations will be held in order to discuss the main subject of this event in an interdisciplinary way. The results will be published and used in practical and theoretical lessons in animation and film schools.

Otto Alder, Co-Head of the Animation Department


If you have any suggestions concerning the content of this symposium, please let us know. If you are interested in following the development of the Lucerne Animation Academy please send us an email and we will keep you informed.

Lucerne International Animation Academy
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
School of Art and Design
Sentimatt /Dammstrasse 1
CH-6003 Lucerne

Under Patronage of:

Pascal Couchepin
Federal Councilor, Switzerland

Dr. Anton Schwingruber
Member of the Government of the Canton of Lucerne
Minister of Education and Culture

Prof. Gil Alkabetz, Babelsberg | Giannalberto Bendazzi, Milano | Paul Bush, London | John Canemaker, New York | Oxana Cherkasowa, Jekaterinburg | Peter Dougherty, New York | Prof. Paul Driessen, Montreal | Piotr Dumala, Warsaw | Prof. Masahiro Katayama, Tokyo | William Kentridge, Johannesburg | Fjodor Khitruk, Moskau | Sayoko Kinoshita, Tokyo | Duscha Kistler, Baden | Igor Kovalyov, Los Angeles | Yoji Kuri, Tokyo | Chris Landreth, Montreal | Peter Lord, Bristol | Chiara Magri, Turin | Frank and Caroline Mouris, New York | Peter Moyes, Brisbane | Normand Roger, Montreal | Juri Norstein, Moskau | Marcy Page, Montreal | Priit Pärn, Tallinn | Michaela Pavlatova, Prag | Jayne Pilling, London | Quay Brothers, London | Mohammad Reza Karimi Saremi, Teheran | Gerben Schermer, Utrecht | Georges Schwizgebel, Genf | Nelson Shin, Seoul | Georges Sifianos, Paris | Stanislav Sokolov, Moskau | Annick Teninge, Valence | Gianluigi Toccafondo, Rom | Dennis Tupicoff, Melbourne | Richard Williams, Bristol