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Emmy-winning writer Jeffrey Scott’s acclaimed book, How To Write For Animation, has just been released for the Kindle and other eBook formats


Now Available for Kindle 

Great news!

My book, How To Write For Animation, has just been released for the Kindle and other eBook formats. 

Here is what some familiar folks had to say about the book:

Writing for animation is both an art and a discipline and Jeffrey Scott is terrific at teaching others what he's mastered himself.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks

Writers! Add Jeffrey Scott's How to Write for Animation to your required reading list. As one of the top names in the animation field, a man who's done it all and done it with style, Jeffrey has not only given us the result of years of invaluable experience, but a damn good read as well.

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics

Jeffrey Scott combines that rarest and most extraordinary of talents--he is a master storyteller, a prolific writer and turns out scripts ‘faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.’ He leaves a legacy to the world of animation writing that is unmatched and unparalleled and, fortunately for so many, now memorialized in this excellent book.

Peter Roth, Warner Bros. Television

Jeffrey Scott has written the definitive sourcebook for anyone interested in the world of animation and script writing. Infused with humor and a love of the craft, this book is filled with the practical information one needs to get started, and is a great resource for producers, directors and executives already in the business.

Nancy Kanter, Disney Junior Worldwide

Jeffrey Scott is without a doubt the most prolific and accomplished writer of television animation of all time. Action, comedy--he does it all, and very, very well. I LOVED this book! Maybe if I had read it twenty years ago I would have stayed a writer and not become an executive.

Andy Heyward, A2 Entertainment

Jeffrey's book contains everything you need to know about writing for animation and then some. Reading this book is a must for anyone interested in excelling in the field.

Haim Saban, Saban Entertainment

But do these folks really know how valuable this book is? After all, they aren’t animation writers, they’re just stellar studio execs. So let’s see what someone who has put the book to use has to say about it:

Fantastic book! I can't endorse it enough... I have been a professional in the animation industry for over 12 years and at a midway point in my career I wanted to have a go at making my own stuff. In spite of my experience I still felt completely intimidated with regards to actually writing, oh sure I could draw loads of ideas but never carry them through... I read a lot of books on the topic but I have to say this one did it for me. it gave me a confidence and sense of belief that I could actually write a script. Jeffrey's writing style is so intimate , one would almost feel they are seated next to him as he teaches on a one-to-one basis. I laugh when I think back to how I felt after reading this book for the first time - I thought I could take the entire world on! I wrote the script for a pilot episode of one of my projects and have used his methods of beats and fleshing beats for writing short stories. I fully intend to market and attempt to sell them one day. I will always be an artist first but his book has given me a love for writing and taught me not to be afraid of it. I can't thank Jeffrey enough for this book - I shall certainly be getting the Kindle version as the book still remains to this day as one of my main points of reference. I have recommended it to all the students I have encountered and any peers that are interested in doing their own projects and I do the same for any one chancing upon this post. BUY THIS BOOK!

Arshad Mirza Baig, via LinkedIn

Click on the image, below, to purchase and download a copy directly to your Kindle. Or to learn how to download it to your Mac/iPad or PC/phone click here or here. Also available at, and

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