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Hanging Out in Hangzhou

FXG’s Nikk Mitchell takes you on a 360-degree tour of his quarantined community

I’ve featured my friend Nikk Mitchell, founder & CEO of Hangzhou-based VR startup FXG, a couple of times previously on this blog: once in regard to China’s first VR table read, and again pertaining to Nikk’s presentation at the 2018 IVRPA conference in Tokyo.

Now - under less happy but no less interesting circumstances - Nikk takes us on a quarantine-restricted VR tour of his Hangzhou home ground, after folks were finally permitted to exit their residences in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Taking FXG’s new 16K “Seize” 360 camera to the streets, Nikk documents the eerie impact that COVID-19 has had on one of China’s most prominent culture, tech and tourist spots - transformed from a bustling hub of activity into an eerie ghost town.

Related, I’ve been periodically touching base with my podcast pal Brendan Davis on our own respective COVID-19 challenges as China-based ex-pats on the “Fretful Laowai” editions of his recurring series IF I KNEW YOU BETTER:

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