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FUNimation News

New streaming and downloads available on the FUNimation website!

FUNimation just announced a change in their streaming schedule today, and a new list of available downloads.

Here it is:

FMA: Brotherhood ep. 33 will stream TODAY at 3pm CST rather than its regularly scheduled time on Thursdays.

The following episodes are now available for download-to-own, including three complete series and the full first season of Bamboo Blade!

Bamboo Blade ENG 1-13

Casshern Sins JPN 5-6

Comic Party Revolution ENG 11-13

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood JPN 32

Heat Guy J ENG 17-18

Kanon ENG 1-24

Nabari no Ou ENG 1-26

Sgt. Frog ENG 1-26

Sgt. Frog JPN 35-36

Shonen Onmyouji ENG 9-10


Soul Eater JPN 27-30

When They Cry ENG 19-20

Soul Eater JPN 31-34 will also launch today.