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Frederic Siegel's Multi-award Winning Student Film 'Ruben Leaves'

Watch this five-minute short and feel way better about your OCD.

Zurich animator/designer/illustrator Frederic Siegel draws on his own obsessive-compulsive habits to create Ruben Leaves, a five-minute study of modern neuroses full of dark humor and spectacular visuals wrought in a stripped-down palette.

A phenomenal success on the international festival circuit, Ruben Leaves was created during Siegel’s tenure at the Lucerne School of Art & Design while studying for his Bachelor of Arts in Film with specialization in 2D Animation. He graduated in 2015.

Frederic Siegel “Ruben Leaves”
Frederic Siegel “Ruben Leaves”

Created, Directed & Animated by: Frederic Siegel
Production: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst / Studienrichtung Animation, Jürgen Haas
Co-Produced by: SRF, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Music: Nico Kast
Recordings, Sounddesign & Soundmix: Thomas Gassmann
Soundediting & Sounddesign: Kilian Vilim
Foley Artist: Dieter Hebben
Additional 2D Animation: Martin Hofer, Zéa Schaad, Christelle Serrano, Viviane Tanner
Additional 3D Animation: Ramon Arango, Michael Zünd
Mentor: François Chalet

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