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FMX 2012 Dates Set for May 8-11

We are excited to announce the date for FMX 2012, the 17th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia: May 8-11, 2012.

We are excited to announce the date for FMX 2012, the 17th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia: May 8-11, 2012.

You may have noticed we've changed our subtitle - well, we've got to keep up with what's happening in the industry! Our program is taking shape and we'd like to share some of our interests for 2012: FMX encourages debate on topics as diverse as Virtual Production, Previs, Transmedia, Lighting and Rendering, Visual Effects in TV, Industrial CG, Character Animation in Games, Effects produced in Europe & India and Digital Worldbuilding by inviting speakers across these disciplines.

With a strong focus on Virtual Production set to take the stage at FMX 2012, we are delighted to welcome the 5D conference back again, in what will become an exciting and timely discussion on Worldbuilding in a virtual environment, curated by Alex McDowell, production designer, creative director of 5D and FMX Advisory Board member. Here he discusses the track:

"The time is now, we are immersed in digital - tools, process and experience - and every part of the storytelling process needs to acknowledge the reality of Virtual Production. At 5D we are focused on the design component of the virtual/digital process - Worldbuilding, in 4 parts: Inception - imagining and developing the world; Prototyping - testing the world and the narrative it contains; Manufacturing - building the world, real or virtual, for studio and capture; and Finishing - final resolution and experience of the world."

FMX Ideas

The program team for FMX 2012 would really like to hear from you! FMX is increasingly created by curators - industry professionals and academics who structure a particular track based around a topic. Through their extraordinary expertise we are able to produce exceptional conference content.

In addition we will be inviting our audience to help us shape the conference and submit ideas based on specific tracks we are focusing on. Throughout the course of the year we will send out submission requests. We are excited to receive diverse proposals from across the industry and hopefully find some surprises along the way!

Now we will start with the first of our themed tracks (are you excited?!):

Show & Tell: Fantastic Failures

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." -- Henry Ford

Do you dare to share your deepest secret with your peers? Will you allow them to learn from your mistakes? FMX wants to celebrate your greatest failures. What is the project that you thought would be a success but became a big flop? What did you learn from this, would you do something differently? Don't be afraid to share the mistakes you made but celebrate the interactions you had, the insights you got and the developments that came out of it.

Christophe Hery, Global Tech and Research TD at Pixar, dares you to share your failed attempts with us at FMX 2012. Fantastic Failures may feature speakers from the animation, effects, games or transmedia fields presenting on their greatest failed attempts.

We're looking for the strange and obscure! Write to:

For more information visit our submissions page.

Come and join us!

FMX has a unique vibrant atmosphere; it is the perfect event for your company or school to attract new interest. FMX thrives from the input of its participants - producers, vendors, artists, developers, educators and students all sharing their ideas and knowledge with a strong passion for digital imagery.

Here is how:Become a Marketplace partner, promote yourself and present your latest products. Take part in the Recruiting Hub, host a presentation and elevate your company. Show off your student projects and alumni in the School Campus and recruit new students. Associate your brand with FMX; support one of our social events and get your brand noticed by more than 3,500 attendees each day and by thousands from our online community! It's all possible at FMX.

Check out our latest Partner Information and see how you can get involved.

Welcome our Curators!

We're thrilled to announce our current Program Board members and curators working with us on this year's program - a big thanks to all of them - confirmed so far:

Chris Edwards (The Third Floor), Ludwig Fuchs (RTT), David Gouge (Weta Digital), Christophe Hery (Pixar), Andreas Hykade (Filmakademie), Katja Koeppl (Stuttgart Media University), Alex McDowell (5D), David Morin (Autodesk Consultant), Shelley Page (DreamWorks Animation), Heilika Pikkov (AnimaCampus), Eric Roth (Visual Effects Society) and Inga von Staden (Filmakademie).

FMX on the road

This autumn we're travelling to Eastern Europe to AnimaCampus Tallinn, Estonia and Plus Camerimage, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Poland is well known for its animation tradition and innovative film making. Plus Camerimage Festival is dedicated to the art and science of cinematography. Estonia has quickly established itself as having one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, as well as being the founding home of Skype. There are so many developments taking place in this part of Europe and we are particularly interested in establishing links with companies from these regions.

During FMX 2012 AnimaCampus Talinn will curate a "Focus on Baltic States". At AnimaCampus Tallinn, Markus Lauterbach from Glassworks (Netherlands) and Dietrich Hasse from Trixter (Germany) feature in a VFX track curated by FMX. Join both of these sessions on November 17th at 12 pm and 3 pm.

At Plus Camerimage in Bydgoszcz, Poland, FMX will give a special presentation on FMX and the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction. Join us on November 29th (time TBC).

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