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This Saturday, I am off to Statesboro, GA. to the Art Fest (its 25th year). I am borrowing a shelter and some other stuff and I am taking my wares on the road. I call my work The Wandering Artist Salon (WAS) because most of it is done plein air (without a net). I really enjoy drawing and painting on location.
What makes me enthusiastic about this Festival is that this is the first time I am taking my oil paintings

Here is an oil painitng - still drying- the first I began in my class and the last finished

This is Fisher and Friend at Sunrise, another oil

I will have my normal inventory of cards, prints and watercolors. If you are in the area stop by- it is on the campus of Georgia Southern University - again, in Statesboro on Sweethearts Circle. There will be about 35 other artists with demonstrations (10:00 am - 7:00 pm) BBQ and musicians on two stages with entertainment all day -and a concert beginning at 7:00 pm...did I mention BBQ?

This the final of the plein air painting I did with Glenn Vilppu

This my favorite painting- I used complimentary underpaints for almost everything

As mentioned in the caption. This painting I experimented with complimentary colors for almost every area of the underpaint. I used a burnt orange for the water, a red for the trees and a blue for the sand. You should have seen the looks I got from folks walking along the beach. I think they thought I was color blind.

I call this one BBQ at alley #3, it ls an oil, plein air

Yes, this is another plein air painting. Here I met Jerry, the father of the famed "walking Mary" ( Mary is out every day - she is petite but really swings those arms and legs). Jerry rode up on his bike and we talked for a bit. Later he returned with some gourds for me to next week, I try to paint on them...should be fun.

Stop by the Festival if your in Georgia!!!