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Exciting New Stop Motion Kickstarter Project

Vokabulantis is a whole new dimension of interactive stop motion, check it out!

This looks like an interesting stop motion project. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page here to find out more about them and see them at work. You can become part of the adventure by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.


But you can still join us on Kickstarter
- 24 HOURS TO GO! -

Hi everyone, 
We would love you to check out Vokabulantis - if you haven't already?!

We are really proud that we made in on Kickstarter with the wonderful community, that has joined us there.

But we would love more of you to join in time.

Especially if you feel like Elijah "Frodo Baggins" Wood did in his tweet:

PUSH to check out the Kickstarter page for much more stop motion & behind the scenes
The game (new trailer + new behind the scenes below)
Vokabulantis is a love-driven co-op platformer adventure. The game is inspired by games like Inside, Unravel and Little Nightmares, yet it's made by hand. 

Join Kurt and Karla in their struggle to restore peace to Vokabulantis - and to express their feelings for each other after their words have been taken away. 

You enter Vokabulantis just as Kurt and Karla are about to say what they feel for one another.

Actually they've just found themselves stuck in that moment unable to get a word out, and then suddenly they are thrown into Vokabulantis.

Trailer and process video from Vokabulantis and the production - much more here.
Here the kids have to embark on an epic quest to save the world of language. If they fail, they will be stuck in that moment forever.

They may never get to say what they want to say to each other.

The game can be played as a single player or as co-op. It is targeted for all major platforms, but thus far we can guarantee you a Steam release. 

Full story play-through of 6-8 hours of gameplay and an additional 2-4 hours if you hunt for all the hidden quirks and achievements of Vokabulantis.


Vokabulantis is a co-operative effort between the stop motion studio Wired Fly, the poet and artist Morten Søndergaard and the game developer Kong Orange (Felix The Reaper, 2019)

Handcrafted set elements and characters and the in game 3D scans of them - more here.
Check out a 2 minute micro doc about the passionate people behind this and WATCH THEM WORK - more here!
All the best,

Esben Kjær Ravn - game designer on Vokabulantis

Vokabulantis – Game Details
Platforms: Targeted all major game platforms
Play modes: Can be played as a single-player or local co-op.
Playtime: 6-8 hours of gameplay in the main story and an additional 2-4 for achievement hunting. 
Genre: Platformer adventure rich with action and puzzle-based experiences.
Wired Fly Animation - lego stop motion commercials and own award winning film production
Kong Orange (game developer) - best know for Felix The Reaper
Morten Søndergaard - Artist, poet and author.
Esben Kjær Ravn - founder of Kong Orange - - +45 51 64 28 40