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Evening Theater’s Festival Chair’s Reel

A look at some of the short films from the Evening Theater’s Festival Chair’s Reel.

Pigeon Impossible competes at SIGGRAPH.

written by Lance Jones and Jessica Brown of the Animation and Visual Effects Program Louisiana State University Shreveport Evening Theater’s Festival Chair’s Reel included the following shorts. More...Pigeon: Impossible Lucas Martell USA Pigeon: Impossible is an antagonistic tale between a pigeon and an undercover agent. The scene opens with an establishing shot of the pigeon watching he agent in a secret package hand off. The agent casually sits on a bench with the package and a steel briefcase. He begins eating a donut under the watchful eye of the pigeon. The pigeon moves to confront him for a piece. Not satisfied with the crumbs that are offered, the pigeon attacks the agent for a larger portion. A struggle ensues in which the pigeon is accidently flung into the briefcase. Curiosity grasps the pigeon as it begins to experiment with the technology contained within the case. Social disruption, with hilarious jabs, follows as the pigeon takes flight within the briefcase, powered by hidden jet engines. Firing lasers and missiles, the pigeon pursues the agent for the donut. As the agent struggles, control shifts to the agent. Alas, it is too late, as the pigeon had already sent command to launch a nuclear warhead from the briefcase. The agent tosses the donut and focuses on the threat. He fires a missile at the warhead. It destroys the warhead. The agent gracefully descends to the ground by way of the jet- powered briefcase. Adjusting his tie and glancing once more at the pigeon, the agent walks away. One last laugh is had when the pigeon is crushed by the remains of the falling warhead.

This piece was constructed well, with interesting characters. Style was consistent throughout in both color and lighting. Models were well constructed.

This Way Up Smith and Foulkes Nexus Productions United Kingdom This Way Up is a short reel of scenes from the production. There was a definite style to the piece. It was dark and gloomy, yet presented in a light-hearted manner. It appeared to be a grave robbing tale that journeys into the underworld and across the river styx. Characters were well designed in continuity with the concept of the piece.

Space on Earth Franz Fischnaller F.A.B.R.I.CATORS Italy Space on Earth is based on an interesting concept of structures and clothing which are presented on Earth, yet of designs intended for space. Although the concept began strong, the designs failed to follow through. Most of the designs appeared “borrowed” from nature’s own designs of spores and organic structures found on Earth. One of the structures appeared to be a three-dimensional living structure conceived from a mobius strip. The lighting and texturing was its strongest component.

Vilnius Guggenheim Richard Gonei Studio AMD USA The animation, Vilnius Guggenheim, is an extraordinary piece of art. It is a harmonious balance of animation, architecture, landscape, music, and aesthetics. It spreads and grows like a plant. Buildings and terrain are redefined in motion. It is truly a visionary concept in architectural presentation. Frank Lloyd Wright suggests that form follow function, the designs presented suggest architecture that serves man, nature and topography simultaneously.

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