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Encounter with Peru Part 2 - Non-Human Storytellers

And so, while this series of blogs is not really related to animation per say, they are truly inspired by the power of imagination open-mindedness is capable of unveiling to us all.

Not unlike us humans, or other numerous animal species that come to my mind, flowers seem to also carry their young ones either on their backs or just below, as though acting as protective umbrellas for their innocent and yet totally inexperienced next generations.

Such protective instincts, as with all the living species or, who knows, maybe even those which we dismissively consider to be inanimate ones, are habitually expressed through elaborate designs very clearly intended to act as discouragement or defensive devices. Sometimes these self-protective weapons like contraptions are so obvious as to seem unsophisticated and, I brave to state, clumsy, or even barbaric. But what do we know?

And yet, in most other circumstances, the intricacy of their design is stunningly subtle, refined and sophisticated, to the point of projecting a profound thought, even economy of design and, above all else, powerful, and so very familiar to us humans, artistic pride.

The circularly symmetrical design patterns and structure, which nature clearly seems to favor, reoccur not only in flowers. When you consider it farther, it is strived for, perfected and extends far into planetary designs, and even beyond it, to the Universal vastness.

So, what do flowers feel, what do they think, see, or even experience through senses uniquely of their own, all together unknown, even alien to us humans - organism so very new to this world, one which they emerged into, governed and had all to themselves for billions of years, thus populating it lushly and so lavishly eternities before we were even brought about. Who knows, have you ever considered that just maybe, we evolved from them, or were conceived by them just so that we may admire their silent, gentle beauty?

After all, as far as I know, they are not dependent on us in any way whatsoever. In fact they may, justifiably so, consider us to be their adversaries, beings putting their survival in jeopardy. On the other hand we humans, our entire existence, is entirely and utterly reliant on and supported by the very air they so silently and generously cleanse for us.

Has anyone, ever encountered a display of magnificently intricate brains such as these?

Not only are these amazing, and mind you, not rare at all, examples of Nature’s brainy creations truly stunningly impressive but they also bloom, in full color! Who can say this of our human brains? Maybe this is why we humans hide ours under our think sculls, while these awe-inspiring flowery creations so proudly expose theirs for all to admire?

Therefore, for the first time ever opening my mind to such a concept or possibility, and as a result of or reward for this broadmindedness, becoming so inspired by the amazing flowers initially discovered while in Japan, but their lasting impression reignited by that very garden I then entered while in Peru, I wish to pay homage to at least some of those flowers which I had the honor to make acquaintance with in my recent wanderings. For wherever I journey, whatever continent I land on, I find the Nature’s magnificence true to my expectations. Always glorious, forever astounding in its imaginary scope of artistry, and eternally adept at simply consistently and forever taking my breath away, it expands my mind, vision, perspective and gratefulness for its inspirational stimuli. In the same breath, it never seizes to take that certain air of human arrogance or “hot air” out of me, deflating my unjustified superiority while putting me in my place for who I am in contrast to its illustriousness, just another meek grain of sand in its infinite creative expanse and a never culminating, or running out of innovative ideas, breath of diverse possibilities.

And so, while this series of blogs is not really related to animation per say, they are truly inspired by the power of imagination open-mindedness is capable of unveiling to us all. They are also dedicated, and pay homage to the unsurpassed artistry and vision of the Nature, the ultimate creative dominance whose canvas stretches from the microcosmic galaxies to the cosmic vastness we humans only have just began to probe and uncover.  

And, since I consider myself a herald for the magical powers of imagination as fuel to all forms of creative expressions, ideas or endeavors generating progress and innovation, I reckon that my “flowerily” wandering reflections and animation do have a lot in common.

After all, what gives us the humans a right to claim that we are the only one, the chosen, who poses the sway of imagination, artistry, creativity, ideas, exploration or storytelling?

In fact, imagine the kinds of interchange we could have not only with other species and life forms, but also the inanimate entities and matters, whether solid liquid or vaporous.

Do you recall being attracted to trees that capture your eye and ignite your imagination? What emotive connection did they suddenly make with you? Why is it that you listened? Is it because you instinctively felt a certain attraction, that is triggered a unique relations to your own emotional state or personal history or experiences within your own lifetime?

I could not resist the temptation of connecting to, or reflecting upon the above tree and the story it ignited in my mind. To me, it was projecting a powerful desire to overcome and to win, no matter what, despite all obstacles and challenges, “survival of the fittest”.

On the other side though, being one of those individuals who truly appreciate sensuality, sexuality itself, I discovery it frequently in Nature, and not ever conveyed more magically and eloquently than in and by flowers. Georgia O’Keefe reflected upon it so wonderfully through her paintings, to me, no one or nothing ever does it as imaginatively, arousingly yet intricately, delicately, inventively and so poetically as the one and only - the Nature.

But, this is the topic I shall confront in my next episode of the “Non-human Storytellers”.