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This Autumn for the eighth time the entire animation world is visiting Łódź to discuss the industry’s situation and search for new talents.



Workshops with internationally recognized creators who are going to uncover secrets of their work for the participants, mentor’s guidance for young female producers and production managers, meetings with crucial international animation studios - all of this is offered by this year’s edition of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum. This Autumn for the eighth time the entire animation world is visiting Łódź to discuss the industry’s situation and search for new talents. Presale of tickets has just begun.

The seventh edition of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum is the only industry event in the world that integrates the environment of stop motion film. It’s Łódź where business relations or international cooperations are initiated, and young creators have an out-of-ordinary opportunity to present their own projects in front of their masters. This is where films appreciated by critics and audiences have their beginnings.

Participation in the newest edition costs 45 euros and 30 euros for students. Until the end of August tickets can be bought in presale at the price of 30 euros. The link to the tickets can be found on

This year’s novelty will be a mentoring programme for young female producers and production managers dedicated to participants from Central and Eastern Europe who are students or graduates of courses connected with animation and the organization of production, and have had experience with work in production teams of animated student film or graduation film. Five participants of mentoring are going to learn about the nuances of organization and management of film production, financing of film production, promotion and film distribution, as well as sustainable film production. Among the mentors, there will be specialists perfectly familiar with the industry: Katarzyna Gromadzka, Maria Motovska, Annemie Degryse, Kamila Dohnalova and Birgit Heidsek.

"Women stand for a majority of animation students and later they work in positions connected with the organization of film production. The start of their professional path is often more difficult because of a lack of confidence and the way that the market is already constructed. This is where the idea for creating a programme that is going to help young female creators acquire skills allowing them to work smoothly in management positions" explains Agnieszka Kowalewska-Skowron from MOMAKIN, director of ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum and adds that new point of the programme is also a result of discussion during last year’s forum and survey conducted among women in which their situation in the animation industry was the main subject.

Workshops in the MASTERS' section is an ongoing part of the ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum programme, one of the most important events in the animation industry in the world. As every previous year, among the classes’ mentors are going to be internationally recognised professionals.

The first workshop, dedicated to character animation, is going to be led by Kim Keukeleire who has worked with Wes Anderson on his “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and with Tim Burton on “Frankenweenie”. She also was the senior animator in Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio. Animation workshops are dedicated to young animators having experience in 2D, 3D or stop-motion animation. Participants are going to work on the basics of animation: speed, action, reaction, weight, timing and emotions while using objects and Stickybones.

The second workshop, about the role of line producer in stop-motion animation production, is going to be led by Angela Poschet. Classes are dedicated to teams of animators and people interested in stop-motion animation production. During these participants are going to learn how to judge the script and create a division of resources, set up production schedule and budget. Angela Poschet has been awarded numerous times as a linear producer and consultant known for animated productions in Europe. In her portfolio are “Isle of Dogs” by Wes Anderson and Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” which was nominated for an Oscar.

 Angela Poschet

A chance to present the achievements and find a job in stop motion projects is going to be at Career Days which are short meetings with representatives of five studios. Every meeting is going to last for 15 minutes. Interviews with selected creators are going to be conducted by the representatives of internationally recognized studios: Dutch 5 A.M. Studios, Swedish Apparat AP, US LAIKA, Spanish Pangur Animation and British Passion Picture.

To participate in the mentoring, workshops and Career Days, fill out the form available at The number of places is limited. Submission time lasts until 31 August 2023. About the selection and payment terms, qualified participants are going to be informed on 10 September.

ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum is going to take place between 4 and 8 October in Łódź.

The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


The organizer of the event is MOMAKIN, which combines the world of animation filmmaking with international production, distribution and promotion. It supports animation projects at every stage of their development: from planning and financing through production to distribution.


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