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Company Profile: ' Big I Entertainment Co.Ltd'

As a leader in virtual reality (VR) special visual contents industry, Big I Entertainment is pioneering advanced VR technology through research and development, aiming at growing into a global company.

Company Name:

Big I Entertainment Co.Ltd


3F Sooam B/D, 66-1, Yang-jae-1-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-889, South Korea

Business Category:

VFX, 3D Solution Development & distribution

Business Subcategory:

VFX. 3D/4D Attraction Film Production

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Company Profile

As a leader in virtual reality (VR) special visual contents industry, Big I Entertainment is pioneering advanced VR technology through research and development, aiming at growing into a global company.

Big I Entertainment has grown into the nation’s leading company of experts over the past ten years through accumulated experience and technology, specialized in production and distribution of VR special visual contents, digital stereoscopic contents and immersive 4D contents, in design and installation of specialty attraction theaters and lastly, art tent business. Big I Entertainment has also been conducting joint studies with the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, and executing overall R&D process of glassless multi-view display and contents processing technology.

For the development of future visual contents industry, the management and staff of Big I Entertainment, with mutual trust and extensive experience, will exert constant and united efforts to realize its Big Dream of being an enterprise of infinite growth.

Who We Are

  • Describeyour about current business status in the local/global market

Local Business: For more than 90% of its local business, Big I Entertainment provides 3D/4D theatre design and installation, 3D/4D movie production and distribution, 3D total solution development and distribution for local governments. The company is currently focusing on 3D movies and educating personnel as well as a patent that enables mass production within a short amount of time supported by the Korean government.  

International Business: Partnering with Spatial View in Germany, Big I Entertainment distributes 3D display in Korea and the company is currently in the process of negotiating online distribution of 3D contents. Big I Entertainment has distributes its three 3D movies (15 minutes each) through an American distributor, Simex-Iwerks, since 2007. The company also signed an agreement with nWave Pictures to share production technology trends and distribute.

  • Describeyour key products.

3D Contents: Hensel & Gretel(For 3D/4D Stereoscopic Film/DVD/HD), Solar Cop Ⅱ (For 3D/4D Stereoscopic Film/DVD), Lotty & Bibi’s trip through The Universe (For 3D Stereoscopic Film/DVD), Coco & Cucu (For 3D/4D Stereoscopic Film/DVD), Catch the rabbit! (For 3D Stereoscopic Film/DVD) GS-certified Product

TWIN PLAYER 2.0: A server that plays 3D image sources simultaneously with SD or full HD quality. Twin Player 2.0 has been purchased by 3D/4D theatres four times. Big I Entertainment is currently in the process of developing a 3.0 version.

  • Whatare your company’s main strengths?

Big I Entertainment possesses the most copyrights on 3D contents among traditional 3D image developer in Korea. The company has a deep knowledge on integrating left and right image sources when creating 3D images. The technology is used for creating 3D images as integrating complicated technologies such as lens angle, a distance between cameras, a distance between a camera and an object.

Big I Entertainment is the first company in Korea that materialized 3D in a dome theatre. In the StarPark Planetarium, Big I Entertainment applied Watch Out solution by installing two active projectors and a normal white screen.

  • Whatare the greatest challenges, both from a creative and business standpointthat companies like yours face in today’s economy?

More research is needed for 3D business for its potential and more needs-based analysis is necessary to find a market. Also, an effort to develop a technology to transfer 2D to 3D is much needed as a collaboration of the industry.

  • Describeyour plans for 2010.

Big I Entertainment will increase its resources on 3D for the Korean government is expected to increase its subsidy for 3D-related projects.

Based on a market analysis, Big I Entertainment will hire more talents in sales and theater architecture and installment.