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Up Close and Personal with the 'Redeemer' Game Trailer

Colorbleed show off their skills for creating gravitas and atmosphere in trailer for new action RPG from Gambitious.

Animation director Roy Nieterau and the crew at 3D studio Colorbleed in Utrecht, The Netherlands, forego the usual game trailer pyrotechnics to concentrate instead on the demeanor and interior conflict of Vasily, a very buff monk packing a sledgehammer and a handgun, who just wants to be left alone.

Apart from a quick burst of action at the end, the clip shows off the team's skills for creating gravitas and atmosphere in this announcement trailer for Redeemer, an new action RPG from Gambitious.

Colorbleed: “For 20 years Vasily has tried to find peace and harmony amongst his fellow monks, but he is still too haunted by his murderous past to find either.

“Now, after all of these years, the corporation is finally closing-in on his location, and in doing so they have given him one last shot at redemption.

“The challenge was to create an intense film about a character that was in his own mind. Through our cinematic direction, editing and lighting we established a fierce look which draws the viewer into Vasily’s mind.”

Client: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Animation: Colorbleed
Storyboard: Max van der Ree, Roy Nieterau
Modeling: Tom Hankins, Ebou Leigh, Vinny Portier, Tom Keijer
Look development: Tom Hankins, Vinny Portier, Tom Keijer
Rigging: Richard Maegaki, Max van der Ree
Groom and Cloth: Sander Bultman
Animation director: Roy Nieterau
Animation: Gurkan Yilmaz, Danny Vos, Robbin van den Broek
Lighting / Rendering / Compositing: Tom Hankins, Tashina van Zwam
Creative producer: Sven Stroomberg

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