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Childbirth and Children's Books

Late-life fatherhood is a personal and professional game-changer.

I'm back in the blogging saddle after a "perfect storm" of influenza, Chinese New Year and my second daughter Emma's birth. After my first daughter Claire was born in 2015, I transitioned from my gig as VP of content development for Disney China to home-based indie development endeavors in animated feature film, VR and AR. Though only working a portion of my brutal corporate hours due to family obligations, I found myself accomplishing more due to the lack of meetings, covering off, managing up, etc.

I started thinking about creating children's books after Claire was born, but only got down to it last summer after we knew Emma was coming. My aforementioned indie endeavors for teens and young adults were supplemented by early morning research, writing and drawing for young readers. Finally having my own kids provided a compelling combination of observation and motivation, at the same time that it made a minefield of my schedule.

But putting in an extra hour or so early each morning adds up. I'll publish my first book, “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”, this spring under my new Peewee Frog shingle, with two more books in the works. (One of these, “Betty Bunny’s Baby Brother,” was suggested by my wife as a way to help Claire deal with the arrival of a sibling.)

Creating children's books is a far cry from producing animated films or designing VR experiences, but intentionally so. While wrangling more complex entertainment endeavors, it's refreshing to deal with story at such a fundamental level, on my own, for the most worthwhile audience in the world.

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