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Can You Name All 43 Cartoon Theme Songs in this 5 Minute Performance?

The task is harder than it seems. Can you identify 43 cartoon theme songs in this Ensemble ACJW mashup? My attempt was an epic FAIL!

Cartoon aficionados, take a trip down memory lane and watch this entertaining performance by the Ensemble ACJW, a group of top young musicians who are fellows in a joint Carnegie Hall, The Juliard School and the Weill Music Institute program in partnership with the New York City Department of Education. 43 cartoon themes in 5 minutes. If you find yourself stumped, little animated bits within the video may provide you with needed visual cues. Take a stab before you give up in frustration and seek out the song list provided in the video's "About" section.

I gave up without much of a fight. I identified 12 out of 43. Pretty sad I'll admit. But before you cast any aspersions on my character, can you do any better?

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.