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Call for Entries for Animafest Scanner VII 2020 international symposium in Zagreb

The World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb invites all interested professionals and scholars to apply for the Animafest Scanner VII 2020 international symposium 8-10 June, 2020.

The World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb invites all interested professionals and scholars to apply for the Animafest Scanner VII 2020 international symposium. The symposium takes place 8-10 June 2020 in Zagreb, and international film and media researchers are invited to present the latest findings in the field of animation.

Submission Requirements:

Submit an abstract in English for twenty-minute academic presentations. Presentations must be thematically related to this year’s symposium topics.
For each proposal, the applicant is required to fill out a separate online entry form. Only correctly filled out forms will be accepted; entry forms are available here. Submission deadline is 1 February 2020.


1. Heavy Like the World: Animation in the Age of Chaos 

As individuals and societies become increasingly splintered along faultlines of ideology, environment, identity, race, language and sexuality, what does animation have to say about this increasingly discombobulated existence? Is there guidance to be found from recent short films, or are they just pained howls into the global maelstrom that has engulfed us all?

2. Women in Animation

When highlighting the female side of animation, a few perspectives are obvious: female animators in the history of animation,
women in today´s animation industry and female main characters within animated films. Which accomplished female animators have to be (re)discovered? How can we accomplish a true gender equality within the animation industry, and which heroines in animation do we admire for being brave or achieve something great?

3. Festival Topic: All you Need is Love

Love is one of the strongest human emotions. It has been described in poetry and prose, in music, in painting, in film and every other art form you can think of. How did animators handle this subject? How do they express affection, erotic, sensuality, lust or deep connection between two people? What are the advantages of the medium and what are disadvantages when it comes to depicting those hard to describe emotions?

4. Animation and Poetry

Animation gladly feeds on literature. Moreover, its relationship with poetry is particularly fruitful: lyrical and epic poetry have been used in equal measure in the animation medium for quite some time. The style and narrative of animation can express poetic approaches as poetry and animation can manifest a concentration of awareness, experience, and emotion. Both can incorporate free association, metaphors, sounds, and rhythm. The inspiration deriving directly from a poet’s words can be liberating for filmmakers: rhetoric figures challenge and stimulate the transposition into visuals. The essentials of poetry nurture fantasies and visionary processes. It seems that there’re no restraints for a filmmaker’s imagination. Is it so?


If you are selected to be a speaker, the symposium will provide you with a free festival pass for the entire duration of
Animafest Zagreb. The pass gives you access to all festival screenings, exhibitions, events, artists’ talks etc.

Reworked abstracts of the presentations up to 500 words will be published in English and in Croatian translation in the 
Croatian Cinema Chronicle (Hrvatski filmski ljetopis), which is listed in several citations and abstract databases, including
Web of Science (WoS) and SCOPUS.

The symposium does not cover travel and accommodation expenses, but the hospitality office of Animafest Zagreb will
gladly support speakers in finding inexpensive hotels with special festival rates. For more information about accommodation
please contact

For more information about the symposium please contact
We are looking forward to reviewing your submissions.

St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences