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Borderlands new DLC, Game of the Year Edition, Trailer and more!

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution has just been released for Borderlands. Read ahead to hear more and to see the launch trailer!

2K and Gearbox have just released Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, the fourth expansion to Borderlands. This release paves the way for the release of the Game of the Year edition which was just officially announced a month ago.

A couple questions instantly come to mind with this release. Just last April 2K released the first two Borderlands expansions, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot and The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, both on one physical disc as a retail release. These retail copies were made available for PC and 360 as you can see below. Now that there are four total expansions for Borderlands, will 2K release another physical, retail copy comprised of their last two expansions, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, on one disc? I got a hold of a 2K representative and the answer I received was a resounding "I'm not sure." I'm actually very glad that this rep didn't give me the typical "2K Games does not comment on rumors or speculation, blah , blah , blah..." response.

Here are the possibilities; the Borderlands Game of the Year edition will include all four expansion packs which makes it seem unlikely that they would release Robot Revolution and General Knoxx on a disc. Now you're probably thinking "no problem, the expansions will be on a physical disc in the GOTY edition" but a press release that 2K sent out stated that the Game of the Year edition of Borderlands would not include the expansions on a disc but instead will contain vouchers to redeem and download the expansions straight to your PC or game console.

Is this is bad news for gamers who want physical copies of their games? Yes! But to be quite honest press releases have been wrong before. There is still a slim chance that the expansions will be included on the same disc as the GOTY edition disc is 2K chooses to go that route. 2K might just be giving us the "download voucher" story to save their butts for now, which is fine. There is also a chance that the last two expansions will be released on one disc as with the first two expansions. C'mon people, let's be a little optimistic here! Let's end this post on a good note by enjoying the launch trailer for Claptrap's New Robot Revolution. You can pick up Robot Revolution for about $10 on Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace or PSN.