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Blu-ray: A SERBIAN FILM (2011)

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Invincible Pictures isn't a top distributor, but one wouldn't know that from the picture quality of this release. As ugly as the subject matter of the film is, the AVC encoded 1080p transfer is not ugly at all. The flawless RED camera cinematography is captured with striking clarity. Details pop to the point of giving the picture increased depth. Desaturation of color is intentional to go along with the grim subject matter. So when it gets bloody the crimson reds are striking.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 soundtrack is less impressive because it's not 5.1. However, for 2.0, it does the job. It's hard to say exactly how clear the dialogue is because it's Serbian. The metal score and brutal sound effects are aggressive. The soundscape does a good job shaking the viewer just as much as the disturbing imagery.

Unfortunately the disc has no special features at all. If any film calls for some comment from its director this is one. Srdan Spasojevic has defended his sick opus at film festivals around the world. I would have liked to see hear it as well. This is an angry film and it would be insightful to hear from Spasojevic about what inspired him.

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