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Blu-ray: ANOTHER EARTH (2011)

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Your appreciation of this AVC transfer relies heavily on knowing the source of this indie sci-fi drama. Filmed with a 720p camera on a next to nothing budget, the picture contains a great deal of grain that increases exponentially under low lighting conditions. One scene in the snow at night really highlights its digital origins. Banding and aliasing often creep up in higher contrasted scenes. Color are muted and natural, which fits the cool mood. But when compared to the DVD version, clarity is greatly increased with the grain issue minimized. All things considered this 1080p release is about as good as this material can look.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack is as minimalist as the film's story. The front speaker heavy endeavor again underlines the indie origins. Sound effects are few and the electronic score drones on throughout on all channels. However, it never drowns out the dialogue, which is always clear. The balance between what elements there are is good.

As for the special features, the disc has a few deleted scenes that were cut for pacing or changes in the story. It was interesting how the introduction of the doppelganger Earth changed for the better over time. "Creating Another Earth" gives a nice look into how the film came about. Director Mike Cahill and star Brit Marling started filming in his mother's house without funding and co-stars and let the other pieces fall into place. The three "Fox Movie Channel presents" features are like a brief supplemental to the making of doc talking with Cahill, Marling (who discusses the difference between writing and performing her character) and co-star William Mapother. "The Science Behind Another Earth" is a way-too short and surface discussion of parallel universes with astrophysicist Dr. Richard Berendzen. The disc also has the music video, “The First Time I Saw Jupiter,” by Fall On Your Sword.

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