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BEST OF 2009: Best Downloadable Title

AWN's series on the best video games of 2009. Hit the jump to see the best downloadable titles of this past year.


Trine - PC and PSN

Probably one of the most imaginative titles period of 2009. Trine is a 3D side scroller which allowed up to three friends to play together at once. Each player controlled a different and unique character; either a wizard, a knight or a theif each with their own abilities. Players had to work together and solve puzzles in order to succeed which made for an outstanding gameplay experience. The goegeous looking environments and clever gameplay made this a must have for the PC or PSN.


Patapon 2 - PSP

Improving on absolutely everything from the first Patapon, this PSP exclusive offered even more creative and interesting visuals and animations than it's predecesor. The (completely 2D) art and animation of Patapon 2 is absolutely endearing. Even the voice acting of the Patapon characters has been expanded. New characters, weapons, enemies and quests made this a good reason to own a PSP.


Shadow Complex - XBLA

This side scrolling 3D shooter entry by Epic Games took us all by surprise. It' was hard to believe that this was even a downloadable title at first. With a exploration system similar to the old-school Metroid games, Shadow Complex introduced a great story with outstanding gameplay and art. Creative weapons like the foam gun opened gamers to a whole new way of thinking when it came down to side scrollers. It really wasn't that great of a year for games on the Xbox 360 but Shadow Complex came out swinging.