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As I just alluded to I have more and more folks who refer to me as Matt Lauria’s dad...

Matt Lauria, actor, director, writer, musician

There… it happened again. Recent events have propagated more frequent occurrences. (Hey anytime one has the opportunity to use “propagated” in a sentence… it is fun. Certain words are just fun … another is “perspicacity” – but I digress.)

As I just alluded to I have more and more folks who refer to me as Matt Lauria’s dad, it is a moniker I embrace. It has happened on several occasions. Not too long ago, someone at a Tijuana Flats restaurant asked me when I introduced myself if I was related to or knew Matt Lauria. When I acknowledged our relationship – they just kind of melted.   

Matt as Malcolm Fripp - his fishing alias

Our son is Matt Lauria, actor, director, musician and all around good guy. He is one of the stars on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS  for the past two seasons. He plays Luke Cafferty, #44 the star running back for the East Dillion Lions. His character was on the Dillion Panthers – but oops, his address was just a mailbox with no house – so he was sent packing to the lowly Lions.   By the way, he wears #44 because he knows John Riggins (also #44) of the Redskins is one of my favorite characters – I mean players.

Matt as FNL's Luke Cafferty

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has just won the prestigious Television Critics Association 2011 award as the best program on TV. It has been tapped as one of the 10 best dramas EVER on TV. If you have seen it – you’ll know what I mean. The entire FNL saga is airing on ESPN Classic.

Matt just finished a run on THE CHICAGO CODE (TCC) – he played a starring role as the young detective, Caleb Evers. The show was a critical success but FOX chose not to renew it for the forth coming season.  Too bad,TCC showed real promise – with gains in viewership and story as the season progressed.

Matt as Caleb Evers on The Chicago Code

 With all the exposure Matt has received – he has remained Matt, a very normal guy who goes out of his way to avoid attention. He and his wife, singer/songwriter Michelle Armstrong are well grounded.

Matt as a Romanian tennis in the David Auburn's UPSET as reviewed by the NY Times

He is very much a student of acting and the theater. I really enjoy talking to him because he knows so much. If I am a animation geek – then he is a theater geek!

A couple of weeks ago Matt was in a guest star role on BURN NOTICE on USA network. He played Ethan, a recent vet was who searching for his sister’s boyfriend. Matt's range of emotions were amazing

When you think of it (and yes, I have a bias here), the cable stations seem more ready to take chances than the networks. Right now, the networks are opting for more low-cost, reality shows. Here creative talent is at a minimum and no one receives residuals, etc.

Yes, the cable networks still have reality shows but many of them have forayed into serial dramas and comedies with wonderful successes . TBS, USA, among others, are producing quality, award winning programs (MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD, ETC.).

 Again I digress.

For those of you who missed THE CHICAGO CODE, episodes are available on and Reruns of TCC will be airing on Fox this summer… sometime.

The “perspicacious viewer” will enjoy the show. (ah, did it).