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Behind the Scenes of Cedric Nicolas-Troyan's 'Return of the Snowmen'

Here's how Vancouver's The Embassy pulled off the new Nissan spot helmed by acclaimed feature VFX supervisor-turned-director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Turning a sweltering summer live action shoot into convincing winter scenes is always an ambitious VFX project. And the complexity increases exponentially if, for instance, the board calls for a stampeding horde of ornery snowmen and their angry boss. 

Then, just for fun, make sure you're creating it all for a director with serious feature VFX and directing credits.

That was the scenario The Embassy VFX crew found themselves in during production of the Nissan Rogue "Return of the Snowmen" spot helmed by French director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan who recently leveraged his VFX supervisor role on Snow White and the Huntsman into directing duties on The Huntsman: Winters War.

Watch the making of video below for a peek at how The Embassy did it:

The Embassy Nissan Rogue "Return of the Snowmen"

The Embassy Nissan Rogue "Return of the Snowmen"

The Embassy Nissan Rogue "Return of the Snowmen"

Client: Nissan

Agency: Juniper Park\TBWA, Toronto
Producer: Karen Blazer
Creative Director: Susie Lee
Art Director: Gerald Kulger
Copywriter: Rodger Eyre, Marco Buchar

Production Company: Sequoia Content
Producer: Tony McGary
Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Director of Photography: Glen Keenan

Visual Effects: The Embassy
Assistant Editor: Michael Ofori-Attah
Colorist: Wade Odlum

Editorial: Saints
Editor: Mark Paiva

Music: Original Music by Eggplant Productions

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