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Bandai Namco: Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo and Tekken 6

The holiday season means one thing: family. Fortunately Namco Bandai has provided a great coping mechanism. No, not eggnog. With the release of Dragon Ball Revenge of Piccolo and Tekken 6, we've got fighting, fighting, and more fighting!

Everybody wants validation, right? Well, when the Fall fighting releases began to arrive at my doorstep, the recent purchase of a large LCD with 1080p turned out to be a rather good idea. Give me a hyperbolically sized Goku or Eddy Gordo over a disturbingly made up, unlearned, crying commentator any day!  

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo

Release Date (US): 10/20/09; MSRP $39.99; ESRB: 10+; Wii

Revenge of Piccolo

Like all fighting games, you’re primarily looking at two main modes: story and tournament. For Dragon Ball enthusiasts, story mode follows the plot of kid Goku through the original series. But it doesn’t matter what mode you’re playing, this game is essentially a classic smash ‘em up type. Controlling any character is intuitive; you can literally jump right into the ring with great success. Though there are special moves to be discovered and mastered, so a challenge does remain. And, of course, you must unlock your favorite characters as you go.

 Visually, the Revenge of King Piccolo is stunning. The 3-D design offers the expected fighting flexibility. And even the original voice cast of both the Japanese and English versions are on hand to make this bruising experience perfect.

 What can I say? This is the type of game that makes the Wii so popular. It’s all about interacting with friends and family. Yes, you can play the computer. But Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo is ideal for weekend challenges and victorious boasts.

 Tekken 6

Available Now; MSRP $59.99; ESRB: T; PS3, XBOX360, PSP (forthcoming)

 Admittedly, it’s been a while since I played Tekken. In fact, if I remember correctly, I was getting my ass kicked by Eddy Gordo, a.k.a. my brother-in-law. But still, you can’t turn down a challenge. And with Tekken 6, there are challenges a-comin!

 With forty playable characters, including new ones, the fight is back on. And while anyone can jump in and start bashing their console to victory, Tekken 6 has something more in mind. Though I did dust off my skills quite easily and made decent progress from the start, that is, until that damn panda tore me a new one. Well, just peruse the internet kids. Don’t be the a-hole f’n with nature.

 Oh, did I mention that Tekken 6 has officially given the middle finger to the old unlocking feature? That’s right. All these characters are available from the moment you slide that disk in – insert joke here.

 Anyway, if you are a die-hard Tekken fan, someone who is actually following the story line, then seeking the bounty on Jin Kazama’s head may be your thing; the story mode beckons.  But it’s the online and customizing features that truly make this game spot on. Let’s face it, you want to kick some ass, preferably not the computer’s.

Tekken 6

But whether against the CPU, an offline challenge, or an online contest, you can customize and strengthen your fighter’s technique. Yes, the Tekken tournament has grown even more realistic. No longer are you bound to a limited set of moves.  Instead, you can develop unique martial styles and test your new kung fu on the global web.

 It’s Tekken. Do I need to say anymore? Let the war and trash talkin’ begin!