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AWN Professional Spotlight: FMX 2014 – Daniel Gregoire

Daniel Gregoire, CEO of leading previs firm Halon Entertainment, talks about the previs of World War Z, its vital role in story development, visual development and more as part of AWN’s series of exclusive video interviews from FMX 2014.

As part of AWN’s Professional Spotlight series -- a series of exclusive video interviews shot during FMX 2014 -- here is a candid discussion with Daniel Gregoire, previs director and Owner, CEO of leading previs firm Halon Entertainment. In this two-part interview, Gregoire talks about Halon’s extensive body of work on World War Z, as well as the vital role previs plays in story development, visual development, world building and other key facets of contemporary filmmaking.

FMX 2015 is coming May 5-8 in Stuttgart, Germany. Visit the FMX website for more information on this year's fantastic program of speakers and sessions.

Produced in collaboration with the FMX Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, AWN has been publishing Professional Spotlight interview videos since 2008. Check out hundreds of video interview segments with some of the industry's leading professionals on the AWNtv FMX Channel.

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