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Aniplex Announces Durarara English Cast

Here is the latest from Aniplex on Durarara.

Here is the latest from Aniplex on Durarara:

Monday, 12/6, we posted Duarara!! English Cast Video Part 7: YURI LOWENTHAL as Shinra Kishitani, an underground doctor and roommate of Celty, a headless fairy from Ireland.


This is the seventh part of the series of Durarara!! English cast video that has been updated bi-weekly.

Here are list of cast that has been up, and to be posted in the near future throughout Durarara!! DVD Part 1 on Tuesday, 1/25.:

Part1:     JOHNNY YONG BOSCH  as Izaya Orihara

Part 2:    CRISPIN FREEMAN  as Shizuo Heiwajima

Part 3:    BRYCE PAPENBROOK  as Masaomi Kida

Part 4:    DARREL GUILBEAU  as Mikado Ryugamine

Part 5:    MICHELLE RUFF  as Anri Sonohara

Part 6:    KARI WAHLGREN  as Celty  Sturluson 

Part 7:   YURI LOWENTHAL as Shinra Kishitani

Future video posting (*schedule is subject to change)

12/8        Part 8:    PATRICK SEITZ as Simon Brezhev 

1/3/11    Part 9:   STEVE BLUM as Kyohei Kadota

1/10       Part 10: BRIAN BEACOCK as Walker Yumasaki

1/17 (last) Part 11:  MELA LEE as Erika Karisawa

And on Jan 25th, the release date of DVD Part 1, we will post “DVD RELEASE SPECIAL VIDOE!”.

Please stay tuned for detail!