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Animated Horror Film ‘Boxhead’ Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Some nightmares breathe…Randall Kaplan’s indie film delving into our deepest fears and darkest desires seeks backing for completion of animatic.

Independent filmmaker and artist Randall Kaplan has announced a Kickstarter campaign to support the next major stage of development on his animated horror feature, Boxhead. The plan is to use the campaign proceeds to finish the storyboarding, editing as well as scoring and recording music and dialogue, all part of the process of creating a full-length animatic. Randall’s plan also includes animating key scenes.

As the director explains, “In order to get this film off of the ground and running, I need software, such as editing and music programs, hardware like synthesizers (I have a small one but would like to invest in another), and tons of pencils, paper, ink, brushes and paint. But what I need most of all is time, enough time to dedicate myself- blood, sweat and tears- solely to this film for next year and three months. After that, the story reel will be complete with some full animation and ready to show further investors to complete the film.”

You can find out all about the film as well as check out some of his mesmerizing and exceptionally well done concept drawing, by visiting his campaign page.

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.