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Anidox Summer Residency

ANIDOX 2017 Summer  Residency Workshop call for entries.

There is a new residency run  this summer by the talented animators Michelle and Uri Kranot at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.  It is a unique opportunity for animation filmmakers to take a break, be creative for three weeks and even get paid for it!

Details are below and you can find out even more at the anidox website.

A call for animation filmmakers:
ANIDOX 2017 Summer Residency Workshop
In 1918, Winsor McCay created “The sinking of the Lusitania”, a propaganda film portraying the sinking of an English boat by a German submarine during WW1. Beside being an animation classic, this film is considered to be the first ever made animated documentary.
100 years later, in the age of fake news, a collective of talented animation filmmakers will gather to unearth the truth from deep waters and create a contemporary homage to the film.
(link to the film here)


This residency programme aims to connect 6 animation artists for the creation of a collaborative project. Each artist will contribute ca. 1 min. sequence which will be edited together to a short animated film.


The residency will last 3 weeks between June and July 2017 and take place in Viborg, Denmark


  • March: Call for applications (Deadline 1st April 2017 24:00)
  • April 8th: Selection announced.
  • April - May: Development stage - Research and pre-production period in which filmmakers will develop their ideas in their respective countries.
  • June 22nd to July 14th- Residency period. The production of the collective project takes place in Viborg, Denmark, in collaboration with The Animation Workshop.
  • October: Premiere Screening at VAF Viborg Animation Festival.


What we are looking for:
Animation filmmakers with proven track record, who are self-sufficient in creating animation films.


What we offer:
1) Travelling expenses and accommodation
2) A stipend of 2500 Euros
3) workstations, animation software, stop motion facilities, materials etc.


The filmmakers are expected to be present in Viborg for the whole period between 22nd of June and 14th of July 2017.


Applications will be accepted from beginning of march 2017. Complete applications must be received by April 1st, 2017.


How to apply
Filmmakers should submit a single pdf document (Titled: YOUR NAME_ANIDOX_SUMMER_RES_2017) PDF must include:
  1. One pager of a suggestion for a new work related to the theme “The sinking of the truth”.
  2. Links to previous works
  3. CV


Please send applications to:
Michelle Kranot, ANIDOX Producer,


A selection committee composed of ANIDOX team and consultants will select 6 participants. Those selected will be contacted in early April and once all conditions of participation have been confirmed the selection will be formally announced.


*Notice of terms of application/participation.
By applying to this program applicants acknowledge that they agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Applicants will not decline the offer once they are selected to participate in the programme.
  2. Participants understand the purpose of their stay and will spend the entire period in Viborg.
  3. The project created as part of this programme will be the property of all the filmmakers and ANIDOX, to be used free of charge in the public and promotional exhibition, screening and broadcast of the work.
for more details please visit: