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American Gods 'Coming to America' CG Short

A dark and carefully crafted tale from Tendril directors Chris Bahry and Alex Torres

This brooding and meticulous new CG short from the Tendril crew in Toronto called “Coming to America” premiered on STARZ to accompany episode five of the hit fantasy-drama “American Gods,” based on the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman.

The short film, storyboarded by episode director Vincenzo Natali, finds holy woman Atsula coming to grips with her god Nunyunnini and the harsh realities of life on a new continent after leading her tribe across the land bridge from Asia.

Studio: Freemantle Media
Executive Producer(s): Bryan Fuller, Michael Green
Episode Director: Vincenzo Natali
Producer: Dauri Chase
VFX Supervisor: Kevin Tod Haug
VFX Producer: Eliza Randall, Eric Withee, Gayle Busby

Design + Animation: Tendril
Creative Lead / Director: Chris Bahry, Alex Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Head of Production / Producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan
Character Art Direction: Vini Nascimento
Environment Art Direction: Chris Bahry
Storyboards: Vincenzo Natali
Concept Artists: Marco Texteira, Ben Bauchau, Michal Lisowski, Marco Iozzi, Rodrigo Rezende
TD: Ben Pilgrim
Pipeline: Alexandre Veaux
Character Sculpting: Vini Nascimento, Hosein Diba, Fady Kadry, Victor Hugo, Christian Hecht
Environment & Prop Modeling: Christian Hecht, Ben Pilgrim, Lorne Kwechansky, Rowan Simpson, Sergei Falaleyev
Character Textures: Alexandre Veaux, Sergei Falaleyev
Environment Textures: Christian Hecht, Lorne Kwechansky, Brad Husband
FX: Alasgar Hasanov, Rafael Santos, Lorne Kwechansky
Hair and Fur: Alexandre Veaux, Ben Pilgrim
Animatic / Layout: Jen Mackie, Florent Arnould, Alexandre Veaux, Marcelo Souza, Ben Pilgrim, Will Sharkey
Character Rigging: Richard Zyo, James de Carmo
Animation Supervisor: Alan Camilo
Lead Animator: Will Sharkey
Animation: Florent Arnould, Marcin Porebski
Reference Actor: Michelle Alexander
Matte Painting: Bojan Zoric
Lighting & Render: Brad Husband, Alexandre Veaux, Christian Hecht, Lorne Kwechansky
Compositing: Chris Bahry, Patrick Coffey, Alexandre Veaux, Rob Moggach

Editorial Co: Relish Editing
Editor: Steve Manz
Assistant Editor: John Gallagher

Music Co: via Freemantle Media
Composer: Brian Reitzell

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