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Adam Elliot and Melonie Coombs Offer A sneak Peek at MARY AND MAX


While post production continues, viewers around the world are getting a seek
preview of the new feature film clay animation production from the Academy
Award winning team behind HARVIE KRUMPET. MARY AND MAX has been made in
Melbourne Australia, filmed over 57 weeks. The large team of set and model
builders, armature designers and sculptors have build over 1500 sets, props
and characters and now with actual production complete Writer, Director and
Designer Adam Elliot is welcoming the opportunity to share with you a sneak
peek at the world of MARY AND MAX.

The website features the story synopsis and character outlines, as well as
images from the film. The site also features links to all our partners and
details on our cast and crew. Also for fans of stop motion animation there
is a wealth of behind the scenes details including "Making of Mary and Max

and webisodes "that reveal the ugly truth" about the production, as well as a
news and comments page for your thoughts and of course a shop!

Adam and Melonie Share Their Secret to Success

Log on to for a sneak preview and to let them know what you think.