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16e Festival du Dessin animé de Bruxelles

Logo du festival par Johan DeMoor.La seizie ition du Festival du Dessin animde Bruxelles, organis par Folioscope se tenait du 4 au 16 frier, piode de congscolaire du Mardi Gras.

Mis part une rrospective sur les pionniers du genre au Mus du Cina, la manifestation belge ait circonscrite cette ann dans une unique salle (celle du Passage 44). L'organisateur en effet, n'ait pas parvenu reconduire un accord satisfaisant avec le "Botanique" (centre...


Imagina 97

Imagina 97From its start, Imagina has been organized by the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) to coincide with the Monte Carlo Television Festival (this year celebrating its 37th anniversary). The 16th annual Imagina conference was held from February 19-21 in Monaco and highlighted new imaging and communications technologies. Traditionally, Imagina, like the American SIGGRAPH conference, has been devoted entirely to computer graphics and special effects for film and television. Gradually, it has added such areas as virtual reality, virtual communities on...

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16th Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival

Brussels logo by Johan DeMoor.The sixteenth edition of the Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival, organized by Folioscope, was held from February 4-16, during the Mardi Gras school holiday.

Apart from a retrospective held at the Museum of Cinema, this year's event was limited to one movie theater (Passage 44). The organizers, essentially, had not been able to reach a satisfactory agreement with the Botanique (a publicly-subsidized cultural center) that had served as the venue for specialized programs for previous editions.

Festivalgoers nevertheless didn't suffer because of this,...

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KLIC's Online Animated Musical: Real-Time Animation on the Web?

Kids' Light Intertainment Channel (KLIC) has produced the first animated musical for children on the Internet, using Enliven Viewer, one of the hottest new technologies available for creating interactive content on the Web. With Enliven, a plug-in application for Web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape, the animation begins to run right away, using a streaming technology to play the first segment, while the other segments download in the background.The Body Shop.Hardly a traditional musical, KLIC's site features Swampland of Gross, Snitchragula, and Alien Body Shop, animated...


Death Laughs Among Us: The Films of John Schnall

John Schnall.Independent animator John Schnall has put together a home video of his short films in association with Poteet Music, an independent record distributor based in New Jersey. Among the community of East Coast independents, Schnall is notably prolific; in this regard, his colleague Steve Dovas said that, "To me, what has been most admirable about his career has been the regularity with which he's turned out his funny, wierd, and wholly singular, self-produced animated films." All this abundance has driven Schnall to be able to release a 40-minute video collection at a relatively early...