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Letters to the Editor

The Thief and the Cobbler Having read the review of The Thief and the Cobbler by Alex Williams and your own editorial on the matter, I thought you ought to read [the] article by Mike Dobbs [in] Animato magazine ["An Arabian Knight-mare," that appeared in the issue #35, summer 1996, and which was posted by Dobbs on the rec.arts.animation user group]. Mr. Dobbs had interviewed Fred Calvert, so in a sense the article is "Calvert's side of the story." In it a good and believable case is made that Mr. Calvert was indeed sensitive to the beauty of the...

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Software Review: Web Painter

One of Totally Hip's "Hip Clips"In the last issue, I looked at Macromedia's Flash, a program that allows you to do animation for the Web. This month, I tested out Totally Hip Software's WebPainter, a program with the same general purpose as Flash, but aimed at a different market. While Flash works with vector-based images and allows a considerable amount of interactivity for a rather high price; WebPainter allows you to easily create GIF animations, and is inexpensive, but lacks the interactivity and more professional look that Flash is capable of.

If you already have a program like...

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16e Festival du Dessin animé de Bruxelles

Logo du festival par Johan DeMoor.La seizie ition du Festival du Dessin animde Bruxelles, organis par Folioscope se tenait du 4 au 16 frier, piode de congscolaire du Mardi Gras.

Mis part une rrospective sur les pionniers du genre au Mus du Cina, la manifestation belge ait circonscrite cette ann dans une unique salle (celle du Passage 44). L'organisateur en effet, n'ait pas parvenu reconduire un accord satisfaisant avec le "Botanique" (centre...


Imagina 97

Imagina 97From its start, Imagina has been organized by the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) to coincide with the Monte Carlo Television Festival (this year celebrating its 37th anniversary). The 16th annual Imagina conference was held from February 19-21 in Monaco and highlighted new imaging and communications technologies. Traditionally, Imagina, like the American SIGGRAPH conference, has been devoted entirely to computer graphics and special effects for film and television. Gradually, it has added such areas as virtual reality, virtual communities on...