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The Career Coach: What is Networking?

You've heard it before. To get a good job in the entertainment industry, youhave to know someone. But that's okay, because you do know someone. And that someone knows someone.If you have enough someones in your network, you can get a good job. Thismonth I am going to tell you what networking is and how it works. Next monthyou'll read about how to do it.


Yellow Submarine's Second Strange Odyssey to the Screen

Most animation and Beatles fans know Yellow Submarine is a great film, but why did it take 17 years for MGM to revive this classic in theaters and 12 years to bring it back to video stores? Karl Cohen relates the unusual circumstances that led to the film's re-emergence on the silver screen.

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DIC, RAI, and the project InBetween

Robby London, Executive Vice President of Creative Affairs at DIC Entertainment, has known a few troubles getting productions off the ground, but this one was a doozy. Several years ago, as they were negotiating the rights to the song "Monster Mash," executives at DIC saw a short by Italian cartoonist Guido Manuli Chi Ha Paura (Who's Afraid). They found the horror-comedy tone and characters to be just right, met with Manuli, and married song to project. The first problem was that Robby London didn't speak Italian and...