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What are all those paint men digging? - 'The Pride of Strathmoor'

Every Monday or so, Chris Robinson asks an animator how they made a particular film. This week: Einar Baldvin's The Pride of Strathmoor

'The Pride of Strathmoor' by Einar Baldvin

Icelandic American Tall Guy Einar Baldvin talks a bit about how he made his fantastic student film, The Pride of Strathmoor. Oh...he's also got a nifty new book coming out. Go here to support it. I did (just don't tell him though, okay?)

So, how’d you make this?

The whole film is drawn on paper, using pen, ink and coffee.  Everything you see is on the page, including the backgrounds which were redrawn every frame.

Why this technique?

The film is about a madman and his journals. It felt approiate to depict his mind and his worldview.  It is also a maddening technique meaning I grew increasingly unhinged as the film dragged on. Obsessive method for an obsessive character. 

How long did it take?
The drawing itself took about 18 months. Planning a bit longer.

What was the most challenging part of the process?
Redrawing the backgrounds. 

Was it worth it?
I think so, the technique matches the rest of the film and when we did the sound and music it was easy to match it with the trembling of each frame which created a very unsettling effect. I think this method is a big reason the film works.

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