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WATCH: SIGGRAPH 2019 Interview with NASA Animator Eleni Kostis

Artist talks about the importance and impact of visualization in helping people understand and communicate the often-complex results of scientific research and data gathering.

AWN is pleased to share another brand-new SIGGRAPH 2019 video interview, this time with NASA animator Eleni Kostis.

Helen-Nicole “Eleni” Kostis is an animator for NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio. In this interview, she discusses the importance of data/science visualization, its solutions to ethical concerns, other practical applications, and the social impact of her work.  

The Scientific Visualization Studio wants people to learn about NASA programs through visualization. The SVS works closely with scientists in the creation of visualizations, animations, and images in order to promote a greater understanding of Earth and Space Science research activities at NASA and within the academic research community supported by NASA.

All the visualizations and multimedia products created by the SVS, CI Lab, and Goddard Media Studios are accessible to everyone and free to download here.  You are welcome to also try NASA's Data Portal.

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.