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A Roster of Stop-Motion Companies

AWN has compiled a roster of noteworthy stop-motion companies from around the world.

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Aardman Animations

Gas Ferry Road Bristol BS1 6UN England 44 (0)117 984 8485 (phone) 44 (0)117 984 8486 (fax) Company Description: Since 1972, Aardman Animations has consistantly been producing some of the most recognizable, award winning stop-motion animation in the world. In addition to ground breaking music videos, such as Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer", Aardman has worked on a substantial body of commerical work for companies such as Chevron, Cadbury's and Kellogs. In addition to company founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton, Aardman is staffed by a talented slate of animators lead by Academy Award winning Nick Park, whose characters Wallace and Gromit have starred in three short films. Wallace and Gromit will also be starring in Aardman's latest feature 'Chicken Run', co-directed / co-written by Nick Park and Peter Lord, slated for release in the Summer of 2000. AMPnyc 250 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400 New York, NY 10001 (212) 213-3821 (phone) (212) 213-3869 (fax) Contact: Patricia Claire, ART.FX (212) 255-2252 AMPnyc West 145 S. Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 550-5826 (phone) (310) 550-5827 (fax) Contact: Patricia Claire, ART.FX (212) 255-2252 Company Description: AMPnyc prides itself in producing comedy-driven character animation for both original productions and commercial work. AMPnyc specializes in traditional 2D character animation and Stop-motion animation. Some of AMPnyc's recent clients include: MTV/Viacom, Wieden & Kennedy, ABC Television, Sunbow Entertainment, and Primestar Satellite Television.

Animation NYC

44 W 24 ST New York, NY 10010 USA (212) 229-9449 (phone) (212) 229-0237 (fax) AnimateNYC@aol Contact: Carlo Spicola Company Description: Animation NYC is a script-to-screen creative services company. Originally created to produce cost-effective stop-motion and clay animation using digital capture technology, the company has provided stop-motion animation and consulting for Sesame Street, Calvin Klein and MTV Animation. Animation NYC combines illustration, computer graphics, and stop-motion clay animation to provide content for television, CD-ROM and the Web. Animation NYC has also developed original programming using stop-motion, including "Delbert & Geeko," about a boy and his lizard, "Sylphid," a woodland fairy who champions for the environment, and "Grandpa & Santa," about an old skeptic who stumbles upon St. Nick. The company employs a dozen multimedia artists including 3D modelers, graphic designers and professional illustrators from across the country.

Artemia Films

1198 Providencia Santiago Chile 56 2 209 7429 (phone) 56 2 343 06067 (fax) Contact: Vivienne Barry . Company Description: Artemia is one of Chile's only stop-motion studios. Currently, they are shooting a 7 minute short film "Devorame otra vez", or "Eat me once again" the first part of a four part series titled "La Salsa." They also produce stop-motion commercials. bolexbrothers 3 Brunel Lock Development Smeaton Road Cumberland Basin Bristol BS1 6SE England 44 (0)117 985 8000 (phone) 44 (0)117 985 8899 Bowes Productions Inc. 4776 Buxton St. Burnaby, Vancouver B.C. V5H 1J3 Canada (604) 871-0338 (phone) (604) 433-0340 (fax) Company Description: Bowes Productions Inc. located on Canada's West Coast, celebrates its 10th year anniversary in Vancouver British Columbia. Created to specialize in Clay Animation, the studio has expanded to cover a wide variety of stop-motion techniques, using mediums such as clay, rubber foam latex, silicones, foam core, sand, nuts, bolts, and an endless amount of found objects. Bowes Productions is one of the fastest growing and innovated stop-motion animation studios in Western Canada, producing commercials, television productions, children's programming, station IDs, short films, music videos and various other specialized projects. Clients include: Mc Donalds, Milton Bradley, General Mills, Mattel, CBC Canada, YTV Canada, and Fuji Television Corporation Japan. Chiodo Brothers Prods., Inc. 110 W. Providencia Ave. Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 842-5656 (phone) Company Description: Chiodo Brothers Prod., Inc. is one of the foremost independent production companies with special effects expertise in stop-motion animation, live action puppetry, make-up effects, miniatures, mechanical props and computer animation. The three brothers are the wizards behind The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" television show. They fabricated the new turtles and all the villains using computer controlled animatronics. They have worked on a variety of high profile projects, including the Power Rangers feature film and the ground-breaking nine screen, 360 degree film "Dinosaur Adventure", a centerpiece of Iwerks Entertainment's Cinetropolis theme park. Curious Pictures New York 440 Lafayette Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10003 (212) 674-1400 (phone) (212) 674-0081 (fax) Curious Pictures San Francisco 1360 Mission Street Suite 201 San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 437.1400 (phone) (415) 437.1408 (fax) Company Description: Curious Pictures is an international design and television production company producing comedy, graphically inspired live-action, special effects, graphics and animation of all types. The Curious staff of directors, designers, artists and animators produces TV commercials, on-air graphics/titles and television programming. The 20,000 square foot facility in lower Manhattan contains a cel and a computer animation department, a shooting stage with two motion control camera systems, a prop and model shop and digital editing rooms.

Danger Productions

305 San Anselmo Ave. Suite 203 San Anselmo, CA 94960 (415) 256-8850 (phone)Elm Road Productions Unit 1, Elm Road Horfield, Bristol BS7 8RJ England 44 (0)117 923 2324 (phone) 44 (0)117 923 2325 (fax) Famous Flying Films Ltd. Unit 122 31 Clerkenwell Close London EC1R 0AT England 44 (0)171 608 1977 (phone) 44 (0)171 608 1973 (fax) Flying Gherkin International 303/267-71 Cleveland Street Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012 Australia Postal address: PO BOX 720 Darlinghurst, NSW 1300 Australia 61 29 699 6299 (phone) 61 29 699 6286 (fax) Contact: Nick Donkin Company Description: Flying Gherkin International has inhabitated a variety of dusty roach-infested inner-city warehouses around Sydney since 1993. The house specialty is tradional dimensional stop-motion puppet animation. It kicked off with "The Junky's Christmas", a half hour cable special written and narrated by William S Burroughs. FGI produces commercials (1997 saw the creation of "Doppleganger", a 5 min cinema ad for Reebok), music videos (Alice in Chains) and short films, mostly too challenging and controversial for commercial or theatrical release. JA Film Vestergade 13A 1. sal 8800 Viborg. Denmark 45 40 34 79 29 (phone) Contact: Jesper Fleng Company Description: JA Film specializes in character animation with clay and puppets. The company primarily does television commercials and humerous gags. However, JA Film has also worked on many short films and pixelation as well. John Wright Modelmaking Workshop 1 Bristol Craft & Design Centre 6 Leonard Lane Bristol BS1 1EA England 44 (0)117 927 2854 (phone) 44 (0)117 929 7890 (fax)

Krell Wonders

7746 Clybourn Ave. Burbank, CA 91352 (818) 768-7260 (phone) (818) 768-7520 (fax) Contact: Ken Walker Company Description: Krell Wonders, located in the heart of Burbank, California, specializes in animatronic special effects for film and TV, as well as the design and creation of custom-made stop-motion animation armatures. Since 1985, the company has been making full and partial armatures for many well-known characters in both films and TV commercials--including the Pillsbury Doughboy before he went digital! Zero ball drift and smooth, jerk-free movement are the hallmarks of Krell Wonders!= armatures--that's why professional and amateur animators on both coasts rave about their quality. The company engineers armatures from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum, for strength and durability, and with great attention to detail. They're reusable and practically maintenance-free. All of their work is done in-house, to guarantee the high quality they're known for. Parkville Productions England 44 (0)122 225 0620 (phone) Company Description: Aside from doing stop-motion animation on their own productions, Parkville Productions provides production services for a variety of clients. The company utilizes 4 broadcast video cameras linked to 4 perception camera systems. The studio runs its own motion control rigs and makes its own puppet armatures. They have an inhouse Avid Online System, plus 35mm and 16mm animation cameras with up to 20 seconds per frame exposures for greater depth of field or special visual effects.


P.O. Box 1658 Collingwood Vic 3066 Australia 61 3 9416 0652 (phone) 61 3 9416 0346 (fax) Contact: David Williams Company Description: SOULBOX is a new company affiliated with Kanga Manga Studios, Australia's first fully digital stop-motion animation production facility. SOULBOX aims to provide hand-made animation for producers working in the digital realm (web-page/CD-rom/interactives). The company believes that low-budget producers in this field can benefit from the experience and artistry provided by traditional animators, and from the unique textures created by actual objects. SOULBOX is able to produce images and characters that stand apart from their more common software-generated counterparts. Summer Kitchen Studio (610) 286-7818 (phone) Contact: Lynn Tomlinson Company Description: Summer Kitchen Studio is an animation production company specializing in unusual hand-rendered techniques including clay-on-glass, a technique that has the quality of molten stained glass, or an animated fingerpainting; stop-motion; cut-outs; xerography; and an array of other styles. The studio's award-winning work has been featured in many festivals and on television worldwide. Director Lynn Tomlinson has just been commissioned by ITVS (the Independent Television Service) to create five new animated interstitial spots for kids to be broadcast nationally on PBS children's programming. These spots make language fun for 9-12 year olds. Tomlinson's five previous Kids Spots for ITVS are currently airing nationally on Public Television. The Puppet Factory No. 1 Constitution Hill Clifton, Bristor BS8 1DG England 44 (0)117 934 9466 (phone) 44 (0)117 934 9477 (fax)

Tom Brierton Animation

Brierton Productions (773) 548-4744 (phone) Company Description: Brierton Productions, an independent film and visual effects design company, offers to production and/or advertising companies services in visual effects character animation (stop-motion and computer), as well as storyboard/character design (armature machining and puppet fabrication), miniature set construction, lighting and cinematography, and music composition (both MIDI electronic and standard orchestral arranging). Triggerfish Animation 401 Sir Lowry Studios 95 Sir Lowry Road Cape Town 8001 South Africa 27 (21) 461 3879 (phone) 27 (21) 461 3879 (fax) Contact: Emma Kaye, Producer Company Description: Triggerfish Animation produces traditional stop-frame or stop-motion animation. The company shoots on 35mm negative using the Mitchell S35R which is noted for its accurate registration. The entire process is hand-made by a few artists and animators as opposed to computer aided animation or other techniques in which many people make up a large production workforce. Although the production process is slower, the resulting visual has a unique quality that captivates and enchants its audience. Triggerfish Aniamtion specialize in plasticine animation (claymation) - a unique and highly sought-after form of animation. Some of their more well known characters include the Snappi family - South Africa's first claymated black family who teach safety in the home. The company is based in Cape Town, and with the convenience of the Internet, good local facilities and a fairly weak currency, is enjoying international interest in their animation. Will Vinton Studios 1400 NW 22nd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97210 (503) 225-1130 (phone) (503) 226-3746 (fax) Publicist: Serling & Associates (503) 697-0649 Company Description: Based in Portland, Oregon, Will Vinton Studios (WVS) is widely recognized as one of the foremost practitioners of dimensional character animation in the world. Their highly imaginative characters and innovative work in network television series and specials, motion pictures, commercials and music videos, have garnered international acclaim, as well as every major entertainment and advertising industry award. Will Vinton Studio's long-standing business of creating unique dimensional character animation is generating substantial growth and opening new business opportunities including original programming. It has evolved into one of the largest independent studios, employing a talented staff of over 250 individuals specializing in a wide variety of dimensional animation techniques. Will Vinton Studios boasts a talented diverse staff of directors and creative talent whose awards including an Oscar, five Academy Award nominations, six Emmys and numerous Clios. The studio's two-time Emmy and Clio award-winning Mark Gustafson is one of the most sought after commercial directors in the country. In addition to an incredible legacy of high profile work, the studio has recently formed a partnership with Imagine Entertainment, Eddie Murphy and Touchstone Television for the first-ever prime time stop-motion television series titled "The PJs", a new half-hour comedy for FOX which takes a satirical look at life in a big city housing project.