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Roster of Motion-Capture Companies

AWN's roster of motion-capture companies.

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41, Quai Gauthey 21000 Dijon France 33 3 80450974 (phone) 33 3 80451571 (fax) Adaptive Optics Associates 54 Cambridge Park Drive Cambridge, MA 02140 (617) 864-0201 (phone) (617) 864-5855 (fax) Contact:Anderson Maddocks

Ascension Technology Corporation

107 Catamount Drive Milton, VT 05468 (802) 893-6657 (phone) (802) 893-6659 (fax) Contact: Gregory Erdmann B & L Engineering 3002 Dow Avenue Suite 416 Tustin, CA 92780 (714) 505-9492 (phone) (714) 505-9493 (fax) Contact: Norman P. Smith Company Description: For over thirty-three years, B & L Engineering has been a recognized leader in the development, sale, and distribution of products and services to Motion Capture studios, Biomechanics labs and Hospitals. As former distributors of a major motion capture system, B & L Engineering offers unparalleled expertise in hardware systems as they relate to Motion Capture, Computer Animation and Game Development. B & L Engineering is the exclusive North American distributor of the CODA mpx30 motion capture system. The real time, non-tethered design of the CODA mpx30, offers superior flexibility, portability, resolution and accuracy, making it a natural for motion capture as it relates to Computer Animation. The active marker technology of the CODA mpx30 requires no after-acquisition marker identification and no time consuming editing of data. The real time processing of data allows for an unlimited number of uses requiring an interactive environment. When coupled with a graphics package like Filmbox, BioVision or proprietary software, the CODA mpx30 represents the leading edge in motion capture/editing technology. Beam International 14 Queens Road Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia 61 3 9866-8300 (phone) 61 3 9866-8674 (fax) Contact: Zac Jacobs Company Description: Beam is the developer of the new FAMOUS facial animation software. FAMOUS accepts mocap data directly from Motion Analysis, Vicon, Xist and most 3D optical vendors, where the data can be applied to a user's mesh (from Soft, Maya, MAX and others). FAMOUS then allows users to allocate mocap markers to control the movement of clusters on the face. The size, shape and intensity of movement can all be made using the FAMOUS paint-on tools. On top of all this, FAMOUS has its own keyframer so that users can keyframe right over the top of the recorded animation - giving the artist complete control over the animation. The system even includes an audio, keyframe and mocap data track, along with a synched video avi as a reference. For real time apps, FAMOUS can accept 2D mocap input as well as NTSC video to control the animation of a character. Since its release last year, studios in the US, UK, France, New Zealand and Australia are now using FAMOUS in projects as diverse as games to broadcast and feature films.

Biomechanics, Inc.

200 N. Cobb Pkwy Suite 216 Marietta, GA 30062 (770) 424-8195 (phone) (770) 424-8236 (fax) Contact: Matt Madden BioVision Motion Capture Studios 1580 California St. San Francisco, CA 94109 (760) 341-5007 (phone) (760) 773-4004 (fax) Contact: Ken Kline Brilliant Interactive Ideas Motion Capture Studio 8/620 Botany Road Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia Tel: 61 2 8338 0241 (phone) Fax: 61 2 9667 3691 (fax) Contact: Mark Miller Data Tec Co., Ltd. 4-42-12 Kamata Ota-ku Tokyo 144-0052 Japan 81 3-5703 7041 (phone) 81 3-5703 7043 (fax) Contact: Michiyasu Tano Digital Image Design Incorporated 72 Spring Street New York, NY 10012 (212) 343-2442 (phone) (212) 343-0440 (fax) Contact: Greta Peterman Digits 'n Art Software Inc. 305 de la Commune Ouest, Suite 100 Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2E1 Canada (514) 844-8448 (phone) (514) 844-8844 (fax) Contact: Marcel Achard Company Description: A wholly-owned subsidiary of Taarna Studios, Digits 'n Art is a recognized leader in the design and development of advanced software solutions for the high-end 3D animation industry. Having forged a prominent presence in key markets in Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S., DnA supplies its uniquely innovative products to the broadcast, computer animation, game development, graphic design, multimedia and visual effects market sectors. DnA develops and markets two complete solutions for the motion capture market: flesh 3D paint, is a UV map optimizer, a material editor and a 3D paint, LIFEsource is a complete [FACE, BODY (Wired or Wireless), HANDS (18 or 22 sensors) & audio] motion capture solution which can be used for both LIVE and Post-rendered performance animation. DreamTeam Ltd. 3 Maskit Street Herzliya Pituach 46733 Israel 97 2-9955 9855 (phone) 97 2-9955 9615 (fax) Contact: Raphael Marmor

eMotion Studios

85 Liberty Ship Way Suite 110 Sausalito, CA 94965 (415) 331-6975 (phone) (415) 331-6124 (fax) Contact: Paul Lundahl General Reality Company 124 Race Street San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 289-8340 (phone) (408) 289-8258 (fax) Contact: Arthur Zwern hOuse of mOves motion capture studios, LLC. 5318 McConnell Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90066 (310) 306-6131 (phone) (310) 306-1351 (fax) Contact: Jarrod Phillips Company Description: hOuse of mOves provides motion capture services for commercials, film, broadcast, and video games. The studio (featuring a 3,500 sq. foot capture stage) is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, although HOM frequently goes on-location to meet the needs of specific projects. HOM has the capability to capture up to 5 characters simultaneously and the capacity to use a practically unlimited number of markers. Their staff specializes in finding solutions to help clients get the most out of their motion capture session and data. Clients include: Warner Bros., Threshold Entertainment, Digital Domain, Electronic Arts, Sega, In Sight Pix, Rhythm & Hues, Digital Anvil, Microsoft, and many others. With over 20 motion capture experts, animators, programmers, and engineers on staff, hOuse of mOves is ready to meet the demands of any character animation project. ID8 Media 731 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94103 (888) 662-7238 (phone) (415) 495-4970 (fax) Contact: Brent McMicking Company Description: ID8 Media, Inc. is a leading developer and solutions provider to the 3D design and visualization industries. The company specializes in tools, services, and training that allow their clients in the Film, Broadcast, Advertising and Gaming fields to create superior output. ID8 Media supports and integrates 3D Studio MAX, Plug-ins, SGI, Intergraph and Compaq Workstations and Motion Capture systems as well as other leading 3D applications. Key technologies include the new Gypsy v2.5 Motion Capture System, SGI NT Workstations, Kaydara Filmbox, and Afterburn - a volumetric particle system for 3D Studio MAX. As seen in this summer's hottest blockbuster film, "Armageddon," Afterburn delivers true 3D photorealistic volumetric effects at a low price to the 3D Studio MAX community. It provides the ultimate system FX control. Afterburn turns any MAX 2 particle system to incredibly realistic clouds, fire, smoke, explosions, and nebula. The film-quality results are fully 3D and Volumetric, so there is no problem flying the camera through effects. Afterburn's volumetrics are self-shadowing and can interact with volumetric lights. Kaydara Inc. 4428 St. Laurent Suite 300 Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z5 Canada (514) 842-8446 (phone) (514) 842-4239 (fax) Contact: Dan Kraus Heidi Lowell, Lowell Public Relations (503) 234-7436 Company Description: Kaydara Inc. was founded in 1993 by innovators in the field of motion capture, real-time systems, 3D animation and video editing. Kaydara's vision is simple: to provide the best set of software tools possible for 3D animation and motion capture. Kaydara's goal is to be among the leading companies developing motion capture to as a key technology for creating real-time 3D characters in games, film and television. The combination of these creative forces has made Kaydara one of the top developers of high-quality software tools for creating real-time 3D animation. Kaydara develops, markets, and supports a fully integrated family of software products that enables for real-time animation and motion capture editing. The company's software line consists of its flagship base product, FiLMBOX and add-on modules Audio/Video, Cartoon Reality, and Voice Reality. Kaydara FiLMBOX is a Real-Time Production System, incorporating an advanced suite of Animation, Motion Capture, and Interactive Rendering tools. FiLMBOX is a high-performance production system designed for use both at content creation time (motion capture and animation creation) and at playback time (interactive rendering & broadcast).


2429 Nicolet Ave. So. Minneapolis, MN 55494 (800) 535-5117 (phone) (612) 872-1700 (phone) (612) 879-5776 (fax) Contact: Richard Miller Company Description: LambSoft designs, develops, markets, and supports high quality motion tools for the game, film, and television production industries. LambSoft currently offers three products: MoveTools: a professional scene translation tool for both Windows NT and SGI IRIX platforms. MoveTools enables digital production facilities to move animation scenes including geometry (NURBS and Polygons), cameras, lights, animation data, and animation hierarchies seamlessly between major 3D animation packages. Pro Motion: a professional tool kit for applying motion data onto characters in 3D Studio MAX. ProMotion allows you to clean, filter and redraw motion data, add keyframe layers, apply motion to a wide range of characters, create libraries of moves and blend moves together. SMIRK, the fastest keyframe facial animation plug-in system for 3D Studio MAX. SMIRK offers layered control of facial expressions, lip-synching with audio. Medialab (France) 34-36 rue de la Belle Feuille 92100 Boulogne Billancourt France 33 1 55 19 55 19 (phone) 33 1 55 19 55 60 (fax) Medialab (U.S.) 301 N. Canon Drive Suite 228 Beverly Hills, CA 90210USA (310) 247-0994 (phone) (310) 247-0998 (fax) Contact: Marc Attia 33 1 55 19 55 19 Press contact: Tara Kolla, K Media Relations (213) 644-3700 Company Description: Medialab is the world leader in real-time performance animation and offers a full range of creative solutions, technological innovations and production expertise to enable clients to create high quality 3D animated content for live or prerecorded TV programs. In 1989, Medialab pioneered the production of feature films and television series using its proprietary real-time performance animation system, CLOVIS PA. This lead to the creation of Mat the Ghost, the first real-time cartoon character to run successfully for 3 years on France's Canal+. In 1996, Medialab produced the first ever 26 episode cartoon series using a mix of real-time and keyframe. The series, entitled "Donkey Kong Country," launched in the U.S. in 1998 and is Fox Family Channel's number one rated kids animated show. Divided into four synergistic divisions, Medialab is a real-time animation studio, a visual effects house and a TV and feature film production and R&D house, jointly owned by Canal+, the European pay-TV giant, and NOB, a leading Dutch supplier of film and video services throughout Europe. Medialab's real-time virtual characters appear on networks in the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Italy, Russia and Japan.

Mikromak Gmbh

Am Wolfsmantel 18 D-91058 Erlangen Germany 49 9-131690960 (phone) 49 9-1316909618 (fax)

Modern Cartoons Ltd.

228 Main Street Suite 12 Venice, CA 90291 (310) 309-4600 (phone) (805) 488-4476 (fax) Contact: Chris Walker Modern Uprising Studios Brooklyn Navy Yard Cumberland & Flushing Ave. Bldg 280, Suite 509 Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 852-0811 (phone) (718) 858-2459 (fax) Contact: Sharon Dougherty Company Description: Modern Uprising Studios is a state of the art motion capture service studio, located in New York. The studio offers the most accurate and affordable motion capture data available. Using Motion Analysis optical-based system, Modern Uprising Studios can capture virtually any movement offering the most realistic and believable character animation for use in film, broadcast and gaming. Modern Uprising Studios takes motion capture one step further with services such as project consulting, single or multiple performer captures, facial and prop capture. They also fill the gap between raw captured data and final animation by offering motion editing, customized skeletons, skin attachment and the ability to re-target data to match your creative concepts. Motion Analysis Corporation 3617 Westwind Blvd. Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (707) 579-6500 (phone) (707) 562-0629 Contact: Jerry Burg (925) 426-8840 (phone) (925) 426-7850 (fax) Company Description: Motion Analysis Corporation is the world's leading provider of optical motion capture systems. Motion capture technology is used to create super-realistic 3D human motion in animation for video games, films, and broadcasting. The Motion Analysis ExpertVision HiRES system with up to sixteen custom-built FALCON high-resolution cameras is used for producing video games and film effects. It can capture large areas for sports plays, captures multiple characters, and it features extended capture capabilities for long events. With up to 240 image per second camera capability, it can capture very fast motion including gymnastics and baseball bat swings. Motion Analysis has pioneered rapid, high-quality production with integrated tools including: SmartTracker and Rectifier, biomechanically intelligent tracking software that dramatically reduces production time; MoCap Solver, animation fitting software to help apply human actor movement to computer graphic monsters, super heroes, or inanimate objects like cars, trees or soda bottles and to stop foot-sliding; plus software plug-ins to all leading animation software. Motional Realms 339 Hodencamp Road #113 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 (805) 557-0260 (phone) Contact: Rick Baltman Company Description: Motional Realms develops ReelMotion, a physics-based animation tool which can simulate any rigid-body object for use in animation. Gravity, wind, turbulence, friction, external forces and many other parameters can be included in the simulation for convincingly realistic results. It specializes in simulating cars, aircraft, helicopters and motorcycles in real-time. This allows the artist to interactively drive or fly the vehicle through the scene with a mouse or joystick and immediately see what is happening using the 3D OpenGL display. ReelMotion's accurate collision detection permits vehicles to drive over any terrain and collide with other stationary or dynamic objects. This makes it ideal for simulating car chases, dog-fights, accident recreations and computer game cut-scenes. Motion data can be saved in either the BioVision or Acclaim motion capture file formats or in ReelMotion's proprietary format. The software ships with plug-ins for 3D Studio Max, LightWave, Cinema 4DXL and Electric Image, which simplify the transfer of data between the animation program and ReelMotion. Versions are available for Windows 95/98/NT and MacOS on the DEC Alpha, Intel and PowerPC platforms.

Northern Digital

103 Randall Drive Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1C5 Canada (519) 884-5142 (phone) (519) 884-5184 (fax) Contact: Chris Hockey Ohio State University Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design Major Motion Capture Research Initiative 1224 Kinnear Road Columbus, Ohio 43212 (614) 292-3416 (phone) Contact: Dr. Wayne Carlson Program Description: ACCAD's Major Motion Capture Research Initiative is designed to expand their past work in motion control technology with the addition of motion-capture capabilities to support the arts and interdisciplinary applications. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, ACCAD will expand current methods of digital motion management. This involves combining methods that are largely procedural and mathematical with new data acquisition schemes, including motion-capture technology. These new methods will permit in-depth study of, for example, idiosyncratic movements uniquely identifiable with particular persons. These might include, for example, features that distinguish John Wayne's swagger from Elvis Presley's hip swivel, or subtle differences in the tap-dance movements of Gene Kelly and Savion Glover. By combining motion control methods (procedural and motion-capture), opportunities arise for the systematic study of "expressive motion." Such study attends to the nuances and distinguishing features of human movement. Motion control of these subtleties is of critical importance to the arts and entertainment fields, and has potential application in fields such as athletics, biology, and medicine. This program invites business, industry, and public/private agencies to access the intellectual and creative resources available at a College of the Arts with an extensive research record in media arts technology. Projects involving artists, scholars, and business people provide a rich mix of expertise that benefits our students, staff, and faculty. Peak Performance Technologies, Inc. 7388 South Revere Parkway Suite 603 Englewood, CO 80112 (303) 799-8686 (phone) (303) 799-8690 (fax) Contact: Steve Risenhoover Company Description: Peak Performance Technologies, Inc. offers Peak Motus, a state-of-the-art motion capture system that enables creators to develop real-life human and animal animated characters. Windows-based Peak Motus is the only system that provides the flexibility of optical marker-based motion capture as well as videotape-based motion capture. In controlled settings, optical markers are used to capture movement data. In outdoor situations where the use of markers is impossible, videotape-based motion capture can be used creating the most dynamic capture environment possible. Once collected, movement data is exported into many leading animation software programs to create realistic 2D and 3D animated characters. Peak Performance Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of motion capture, motion measurement and analytical systems used in various commercial, industrial, medical, research and sport science applications. Peak systems are used throughout the world by film, animation, medical, research and sport services, as well as industrial, government and military agencies. Pepper's Ghost Productions Clarendon House 147 London Road Kingston-Upon-Thames, London KT2 6NH England 44 (0)181 546 4900 (phone) 44 (0)181 546 4284 (fax) Contact: Paul Michael Company Description: Pepper's Ghost Productions (PGP) is an innovative, state-of-the-art animation and motion-capture producer and facility on the cutting edge of digital technology. PGP was created to blend innovative technology and traditional storytelling, in a creative environment capable of outputting several concurrent television projects, both long and short form, requiring substantial volumes of motion capture, 2D and 3D graphics and any combination thereof. PGP's team of 25 people provides a rich mix of skills including specialists across the spectrum of arts and sciences. Key team members have a long list of credits, including "Reboot", "Lost in Space", "Seven Years in Tibet", and "Golden Eye". PGP's development slate features original and distinctly different television series including its own Tiny Planets. PGP is actively involved in the creation of further projects and there are a number of co-productions in the pipeline.

Performance Capture Studios

11872 LaGrange Avenue PO Box 1453 Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 704-3036 (phone) (310) 841-2076 (fax) Contact: Mark Greenberg Company Description: Performance Capture Studios is a state of the art Motion Capture Studio dedicated to providing the 3D Animation Industry with Motion Capture Services. The studio's aim is to provide animators and directors from feature film, music video, television, games and commercials with the best in Motion Capture technology and services. Good animation allows a character to live. Weight, mass, speed, fluidity and feeling are all best conveyed by movements captured from the real world. Using Performance Capture Studios' unique technology, expertise and your imagination, anything is possible in the realms of character animation. Cutting edge technology, such as Motion Re-Targeting and Motion Editing, blends the art of Motion Capture and Character Animation together. Polhemus, Incorporated One Hercules Drive P.O. Box 560 Colchester, VT 05446-0560 (802) 655-3159 (phone) (802) 655-1439 (fax) Contact: Ann Pettyjohn Company Description: Polhemus, founded in 1970, is a small, high-technology company, located in the town of Colchester, in the beautiful Champlain Valley section of Vermont. Polhemus specializes in measuring the position and orientation of objects in three dimensional (3D) space with sophisticated electromagnetic technology. Polhemus has led the development of electromagnetic measuring systems for two decades and owns many landmark patents. Initially developed for military applications, Polhemus products are now extensively used in commercial applications in fields as diverse as virtual reality, computer animation, biomedical and biomechanical research, simulation and training, scientific visualization, and entertainment. The company's most recent products include The Handheld Laser Scanner (HLS) quickly and conveniently produces three-dimensional measurements of the surface of an object. The measurements are made by smoothly sweeping the HLS Wand over the object, in a manner similar to spray painting. Simultaneously an image of the object appears on the computer screen. The finished scan is processed to combine the overlapping sweeps, and the three-dimensional data can then be saved in industry standard formats for loading into other programs. ActionTRAK is an entry-level motion capture system that offers low cost, real-time, occlusion-free magnetic tracking performance for today's demanding production schedules. The system provides six-degree-of-freedom tracking with virtually no latency. Probe Motion Capture East Croydon 1st Fl Knollys House 17 Addiscombe Road Croydon, Surrey CRO 6SR England 44 181 4017070 (phone) 44 181 4017075 (fax) Contact: Olly Wood Protozoa 2727 Mariposa Studio 100 San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 522-6500 (phone) (415) 522-6522 (fax) Contact: Brad deGraf Company Description: Protozoa is a world leader in real-time 3D character animation, creating many award winning characters for television, the Web, and live venues. ALIVE, Protozoa's proprietary authoring tool is widely used by the broadcast industry for live-to air and live-to tape productions, and is the only performance animation solution for the Web. Protozoa's customers include: Cartoon Network, MTV, MSNBC, Intel, Disney, the BBC, and Universal Studios.

Puppet Works

3425 Harvester Road, Suite 203 Burlington, Ontario L7N 3N1 Canada (905) 333-1905 (phone) (905) 333-1905 (fax) Contact: David Fleury Company Description: Puppet Works develops and manufactures motion capture solutions used by professional animation studios. Puppet Works has developed systems for body, hand and facial capture along with a series of products used for camera tracking and digital puppeteering. Supported software includes Alias/Wavefront's Maya (SGI and NT), Softimage (SGI and NT), 3D Studio Max, Side Effect Houdini and Lightwave 3D. Puppet Works technology is used extensively for real-time character applications (virtual characters) and supports DreamTeam's Typhoon, Kaydara's Filmbox and Protozoa's Alive software. Puppet Works' systems are the first in the world to utilize digital encoder technology, providing clean, noise free capture data directly into supported software applications. Puppet Works supports the use of multiple input devices (suits, face trackers, gloves and MIDI devices) which can be operated simultaneously in real time via one port and driver. Systems can be operated in any environment without the need for metalic shielding or staging. System set-up is simple with minimal post-capture editing required allowing studios for the first time to capture all the production efficiences motion capture has to offer. Pyros Pictures, Inc. 3197 Airport Loop Drive Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714) 708-3400 (phone) (714) 708-3500 (fax) Contact: Greg Pyros Company Description: Pyros Pictures Inc., an animation/special effects house since 1982, specializes in optical motion capture for the film, TV, and CD-ROM gaming markets. Pyros' studio features a 14-camera Motion Analysis system which allows the capture of either full body or 3D face tracking for expressions and lip sync, with an automatic audio trigger for easy synchronization. Pyros also offers full 3D animation and special effects capabilities to help clients with every phase of their projects, from consulting, motion capture application to 3D characters, to final animation and rendering. Recent projects include captures for id Software's "Quake 3 - Arena", as well as captures for the upcoming Disney/Lawrence Kasdan film "Mumford", and two current projects for Interplay. Other projects include Warner Brother's "Fair Game", Activision's "Zork Nemesis" and "Zork Grand Inquisitor", Virgin Interactive's "Grand Slam", three CBS Prime Time Specials, and 13 episodes of "UFO Diaries". Qualisys, Inc. 148 Eastern Blvd. Suite 110 Glastonbury, CT 06033 (860) 657-3585 (phone) (860) 657-3595 (fax) STRoMBoLi Animation S.A. Menendez Pidal, 31, 1A3 28036. Madrid Spain. 34 91 350 4617 (phone) 34 91 353 3808 (fax) Contact: Luisma Lavin Company Description: STRoMBoLi is an animation house working in Madrid, Spain. They use motion capture systems along with keyframe animation as their primary tools. Although they also do effects animation, STRoMBoLi's passion is character animation, from concept to completion. The company's portfolio includes mostly TV commercials and Real Time performance, as well as providing character animation and motion capture services to third party animation and post-production shops.


2017 Vestal Ave. Suite 2 Los Angeles, CA 90026 (323) 666-2862 (phone) (323) 666-2547 (fax) Contact: Francesco Chiarini TEVOX Realtime Animation Neusser Strasse 772 D-50737 Koeln Germany 49 221-974524-70 (phone) 49 221-974524-44 (fax) Contact: Dr. Stefan Lichter Company Description: TEVOX Realtime Animation, in operation since 1988, creates and animates virtual characters in real time through both motion capture and other forms of performance animation. The company is particularly strong in creating sympathetic actors that do not only look, but also behave believably. Since all regularly appearing virtual actors on German TV are the company's products, TEVOX is the German market leader concerning real time animation of characters. "Clara", the talking 100 DM-Note on WDR, award-winning "Mr. Future" on RTL, and since October 28th, 1998, "Kira Day", appearing daily in her own show "Spot On" on nationwide broadcaster SAT.1 late night are TEVOX's best-known stars. Customers include Super RTL, Buena Vista, Arri, Siemens, Renault, Andersen Consulting, Henkel, BBDO and Daimler-Benz. TEVOX uses SGIs running Maya and Typhoon, Acsension Technologies motion tracking data suits, datagloves and numerous other input devices for realtime animation. Even though TEVOX also owns a digital sound studio and an online editing suite, all installed in a fully equipped 700 qm studio in house (using Betacam SP analog), they also transport their equipment anywhere on-site in Europe. The Motion Factory 39300 Civic Center Drive Suite 240 Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 505-5151 (phone) (510) 505-5150 (fax) Janice M. St. George Company Description: The Motivate Interactive 3D Development System from The Motion Factory is a complete tool set for 3D games and interactive content creation. Motivate's powerful runtime engines integrate seamlessly with current technologies, providing Game AI, Motion Planning, Collision Avoidance, and Realtime Smart IK - features that free developers to focus on character interaction and game play.

Vicon Motion Systems

15455 Red Hill Ave. Suite C Tustin, CA 92780 (714) 259-1232 (phone) (714) 259-1509 (fax) Contact: Brian Nilles Company Description: Vicon Motion Systems is a privately held concern of professionals dedicated to the development and manufacture of cutting edge optical motion capture products for character animation. The company began in 1984 by providing surgeons with very accurate, moving skeletal models of Cerebral Palsy patients. Because this information was being used to make decisions on bone adjustments to be made in surgery, clinicians demanded the very highest accuracy available. As it turns out, artists who wish to capture the nuances of facial and full body movement to drive their CG characters require similar levels of accuracy. In 1994, Vicon built a software solution around the basic Vicon capture system which satisfied the needs of animators around the world. The company's list of customers quickly climbed to include the likes of Industrial Light and Magic, House of Moves, Nintendo, Westwood Studios, Sierra Dynamix and 30 or so others - with productions like "Titanic" (Digital Domain/House of Moves - Lightstorm Entertainment), Westwood Studios' "BladeRunner" game, and "The Borrowers" - by The Moving Picture Company. 1998 saw Vicon introduce the world's first optical motion capture system designed specifically for animators - Vicon 8. Vicon 8 features up to 24 cameras, 24 hours of continuous capture, SMPTE time code support, GENLOCK facility, synchronized audio and video capture, 2 minute calibrations, batch processing, a simplified lightweight cable design, rugged travel cases and unparalleled attention to hardware and software detail. In addition, Vicon just launched Mobius - a brand new package which allows for artistic manipulation of the motion capture data. Virtual Technologies, Inc. 2175 Park Blvd. Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 321-4900 (phone) (650) 321-4912 (fax) Contact: Evelyn Chiang Westwood Studios (702) 228-4040 (phone) Contact: Chris Rubyor Windlight Studios 702 N. First St. Minneapolis, MN 55401 (612) 339-9091 (phone) (612) 339-8991 (fax)