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On the Road to the 90th Oscars: The Animated Feature Nominees

Leading up to March 4th, use our handy guide to catch up and keep up with AWN’s coverage of the films and creative teams nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards.

Each year, here at Animation World Network, we put a spotlight on the five animated features -- and the talented, dedicated and groundbreaking creative teams behind them -- to receive an Academy Award nomination, as well as the numerous other awards and accolades gathered along the way.

This year’s nominees for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, culled from a field of 26 contenders, represent some of the biggest creative efforts of an industry that is constantly evolving, pushing the envelope with new techniques and technologies that refine and stretch the rich history of what has come before. They include a bundle of joy that is full of surprises, an emotional tale of survival under the Taliban, a musical journey into Mexican culture, an adaptation of a beloved children’s classic, and a lovingly hand-painted tribute to an iconic artist.

Leading up to the 90th Academy Awards on March 4, AWN’s ANIMATIONWorld Magazine will be taking a close look at each of the nominated films -- and the creative teams behind them -- with in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks at some of the most outstanding and memorable ‘toons of 2017.

Here is a handy guide to AWN’s coverage of the five nominated films from the past year, to be updated with new content as we get closer to Oscar Sunday. Take a few minutes to see what you might have missed, and check back regularly for updates!

The Boss Baby

The Breadwinner



Loving Vincent