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The RealFlash Festival Winners

The RealFlash Festival Winners are in!

The RealFlash Animation Festival launched on December 10, 1997. More than 150 entries were received and 93 were accepted into the showcase. Of those, 15 professional and 15 non-professional made it into the finalist round, and were voted on by an international panel of judges which viewed the 30 different works on their computers, using the RealFlash plug-in. In addition, to the first and second place categorical awards voted on by the jury, the public was given an opportunity to vote, and their favorites were awarded RealChoice Awards. The winners are as follows. Visit the RealFlash web site to view the winning clips and learn more about the artists and technology behind them. Professional Category First Place: Momm! by Julia Martin. Second Place: Reeling Around by Robin Debreuil. RealChoice: RATS: The Beginning by Jason Wood. Non-Professional Category First Place: Crash by Chris Lanier. Second Place: Devolution by Karl Thulin. RealChoice: 2B3D by David Fedorko.