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Publisher's Notebook

You Aint Seen Nothin Yet!

Dan Sarto. © AWN.

Each year at this time, as we celebrate AWNs anniversary, I pause for a few moments to contemplate our past struggles and successes, and ponder what the future has in store.

This April 1st, our 4th Anniversary, truly marks the beginning of a new era in AWNs evolution. The recent acquisition of AWN by Creative Planet has given our organization an opportunity to achieve many of the goals weve had for years, many of which were mere dreams of a distant future. For example, weve just completed an exhaustive construction program to build a mini-bar in my office - an outstanding demonstration of the type of vision, teamwork and synergy that AWN has with our new corporate parents. For me, the new Internet publishing paradigm isnt "B2B," its "whiskey."

All kidding aside, working in conjunction with Creative Planets extensive and growing creative and technological infrastructure will allow AWN to offer readers and affiliated organizations a host of new and improved site features. Well be rolling out: expanded national and international news and market coverage; new reference materials, directories and other important industry resources; new means of marketing and promoting creative content; brand new discussion forums hosted by industry veterans, chats and other live event coverage; broader editorial coverage; and more job postings. We will also offer a host of other exciting features I cant even mention right now because of the 46 page non-disclosure agreement I signed as part of the acquisition.

However, with all our recent and planned changes, one thing does, and will, remain the same - our commitment to providing our ever-growing community the most comprehensive, insightful, useful and entertaining coverage of the animation world available anywhere today. And tomorrow. And probably the day after that as well.

So, as my annual "pause in retrospection" comes to a conclusion, I look forward to AWNs future with great anticipation. I see great publishing challenges ahead, but then again, as my dad always says, "If global domination was easy, everyone would be doing it." To everyone who has helped AWN reach this pivotal point in its evolution, I offer our heartiest "thank you" for your hard work and dedication. And to the design team that chose the artwork for my new office, the Warhol really clashes with the Picasso so please have one of them removed.

Sincerely, Dan Sarto

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Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.