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Press Start: April 2007 Game Reviews

It's no joke; Peter "The Rizk" Rizkalla has game reviews for God of War II, Wario: Master of Disguise and Killzone: Liberation in this month's "Press Start."

Welcome to a very special edition of Press Start. Ever since God of War II was announced for the PS2 it seems like it struck a good vein in the industry as developers left and right are coming out with action/adventure titles.

We are going to be looking at three impressive titles -- so sit back, relax, get a soda, go make a sandwich and get comfortable, because were looking at action/adventure games and shooter games for this month's edition of Press Start.

God of War II for the PlayStation 2; Publisher: Sony Computer Ent.; Developer: SCE Studios Santa Monica; Release Date: March 13, 2007; ESRB Rating: M for mature; Genre: action/adventure; Players: 1; Support: N/A; Online: N/A

The Beginning of a Legacy... again.

Most of us original gamers grew up on the action/adventure genre. We look back on a past videogame era where the technology was limited and the money was scarce, but the passion for making games was never stronger than then, and believe me it showed! Back in the days of the NES, SNES and SEGA Genesis, it seemed like every action/adventure game that came out was a great game and we fondly remember fighting off hoards of bad guys and overly intimidating bosses, using either martial arts or crazy weapons or both.

So what does an action/adventure junkie do nowadays when we live in a videogame era where the technology is limitless, the money is ridiculously abundant, but the passion for making great games looks like it has never been weaker than today, and believe me it shows! It seems like every action/adventure game that comes out now is a huge disappointment filled with a bad storyline, even worse voice acting and bland gameplay. Well, finding an exception to that is usually pretty hard to find, but not in this case.

Thank God that a game like God of War steps out and says, with a loud and booming voice, "This is how to make a great/action adventure game!" and thank God that a game like God of War II takes center stage and also says with a loud and booming voice, "This is how you make a great sequel to a great action adventure game!" You don't believe me? Let's take a look.

I have to warn you. From this point on I will be spoiling information from both God of War and God of War II.