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Power to the People: Animation:Master Makes 3D Work Possible for Everyone

Yes, it is possible to spend only $300 and make a great CGI film! Alien Song proved that. Here four animators talk about how Hash Animation:Master has unleashed their potential.

If you have the QuickTime plug-in, you can view a clip from some of the films by simply clicking the image.

Knowledge is power, but throughout the history of mankind, knowledge has mostly been kept in the domain of the affluent and privileged. Money has always been the access key to keeping up with the latest invention that would make life easier and more efficient. The lovely thing about the computer age is that knowledge has become more democratized, and especially through the Internet, is easily disseminated. In the past two decades, we've seen homemade recording studios rival professional facilities. The iMac and Final Cut Pro let one make a short film in an apartment that can be entered into festivals. Another recent development in this proletariat computer revolution is Animation:Master (A:M) by Hash. Up and coming animators swear by it. It's affordable, can be used easily by one person, and lets the animators get to the job of animating more readily. This month, Animation World Magazine asked four animators about their experience with Animation:Master, why they chose to work with it, how it has helped their careers, aspects they would change and aspects they love!