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Mind Your Business: Best & Worst Animated Films of 2011

Mark Simon runs down his animated hits and fails from 2011.

Aardman and Sony's Arthur Christmas tops Mark Simon's best of 2011 list.

I always love the end of the year list of the Best Of…, Biggest of…, etc of things and events of the year. But most movie lists get it wrong. They list the best reviewed movies or the ones that made the most money.

This is animation. I want to talk about the animated movies of 2011 that were the most FUN to watch.


1: Arthur Christmas Incredible character designs and super funny script. I laughed hardest at this movie from beginning to end than any other animation this year. I’m stunned that more people aren’t talking about it. Completely under-rated. The Grandpa Santa is one of the greatest designs I’ve seen in years. Just looking at him is funny.

I think the title may have hurt it in the box office. It’s accurate, but not enticing. In other words the title sucks…but go see it. It’s the must-see film of the season.

The Adventures of Tintin