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I Have a Question Maureen Furniss

In which Chris Robinson asks animators profound and inane questions that have little to do with animation. Today's guest is animation author, scholar and teacher, Maureen Furniss.

'The Cameraman's Revenge' by Ladislas Starevich

Maureen Furniss is an animation historian, professor, and writer. She is the founding editor of Animation Journal and author of Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics, The Animation Bible, and A New History of Animation. She agreed to meet with me on dueling bicycles near a coffee farm in Venice, California at 2am on Sunday, February 30th to discuss important stuff and rocks.


I get the greatest pleasure from relaxing with my pets

The trait I like least about myself is … I’m disorganized and my living space is cluttered

The book I value above all others is It’s not above all others, but The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo helped me recognize the things I value and start clearing out the rest—it’s not all of “historical significance”

A (non-family member) person I have high respect for is....   Michelle Obama because…   should be obvious: everything about her

The song that makes me tingle is.... “Rock Lobster” – B52s

The funniest thing that happened to me….

I was in Taiwan for a couple of weeks and was driven to an event. When I went outside to do a short walk on my own, I got lost and went to a small police station to try to describe where I was supposed to be. The English-speaking police detective there was young and hip, and insisted he drive me back in his personal car, which turned out to be a Ferrari.

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A well-known figure in the world of independent animation, writer, author & curator Chris Robinson is the Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival.