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I Have a Question Boris Labbé

The extraordinary experimental animator/artist/soothsayer, Boris Labbé provides you with all the answers you need for a moderately content life.

'La Chute' by Boris Labbé

Boris Labbé is an artist and animation film director working between France and Spain. His art comes through several forms: short films, audiovisual concerts and video installations. He collaborates with Sacrebleu Productions since 2013. His latest short film The Fall (2018) was selected in special screenings at the 57th Semaine de la Critique.

Boris and I met in space. It was vast and reminded us of our overall insignificance within the grand and grander states of is. It was  Wednesday.

I get the greatest pleasure from....

The Pyrenees mountains, where I grew up and where I always go back to enjoy the nature, to ski in winter and to climb or hike during in the summer.

The name of my autobiography would be But, why me!?

Those are the words that I said a lot to my animators then I was (suffering) making my last film La Chute!

Boris Labbé


My most beloved possession is….

Perhaps the most special possession would be drawings from my past projects, I use to archive my work on paper and take care of it, perhaps, it’s an obsession...

A (non-family member) person I have high respect for is....

Daniele Ghisi, a great Italian composer with whom I am working since years ago, on different projects. I am very impressed by the way he is able to work with high technical electronic composition, as well as in a more traditional way for Orchestra or Ensemble. His music is both conceptual, narrative and has a huge emotional impact. 

The song that makes me tingle is....

“Entre dos aguas” by Paco de Lucia

Also because Spain is my second country now, Paco de Lucia was a flamenco guitar master.

The funniest thing that happened to me….

My friends form Pyrenees mountains always call me by the nickname “Bode” because when I was competing in ski during my “young” years I used to go really fast, but I always fell before the end of the competition! They gave me this name because my ski style looks like the ski champion Bode Miller.


I’d like to be remembered as….

A person who loved Art, and didn’t forget to also enjoy life, nature and friends.

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