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The Great Wrestling Match

Jean Ann Wright continues her series of articles on writing for television animation. Writing the animation script is her topic this month.


The Teams

The Stats

The Wrestlers

Tag Team

Corner Men

The Spin

Seat Costs


DVD Plays full-motion video DVD Consortium Hitachi Warner "Dumb Technology," $500 and up Now

at 500 lines of resolution, Toshiba, Matsushita, Phillips Universal i.e. only plays movies.

better than VCR and laserdisc. Pioneer, Sony, Sony PolyGram Interactivity limited to

Thomson, JVC Buena Vista (Disney) CD-style number track

"Gang of Ten" Panasonic starts. Multiple angles

view possible.

DIVX Same as DVD, but enables Circuit City, Zenith Buena Vista (Disney) "Another failed $600 1998?

rental of disks, has anti- Entertainment law firm Thomson Paramount format waiting to

duplication and copyright Ziffren, Brittenham, Matsushita Universal happen."

protection encoding. Branca and Fisher DreamWorks

DVD ROM Plays DVD set-top movie DVD Forum Numerous Software Publishers Technology looking $369 and up Now

disks, but also has a full range Association for a reason. Why Needs:

of interactivity. have this incredible Pentium 133

A3 Dolby sound. quality without a solid 16 MB RAM

consumer base? Windows 95

5 meg HD

Graphics card

Total: $1,369


DVD RAM Erasable, recordable DVDs Sony, Phillips, Hewlett Matsushita You try to keep up $1,000 Now

Packard, NEC. Hitachi up with it all.

DVD R Write once, read many times. Not compatible $17,000.00 Now?

with DVD.