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Fireworks: Does it Have a Special Spark?

Webmaster Ged Bauer gives Macromedia's Fireworks a try to determine whether it is the "all-in-one-be-all-end-all" web graphics application that it claims to be.

© Macromedia.

For a long time a suite of programs has dominated the graphics world; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Quark Xpress. Then there are programs like FreeHand, Pagemaker, and Corel Draw which definitely deserve an honorable mention in the must have category for graphics. But really, graphics are graphics, whether it's for a letterhead, logo, magazine ad, or World Wide Web page, right? Wrong. According to the brains at Macromedia, you no longer need an expensive suite of programs to fill all your image editing, drawing, and layout needs. Well, color me skeptical because the software industry is filled with a lot of programs that make promises that they do not keep. If I had a nickel for every program that claimed to be the "all-in-one-be-all-end-all" application, I'd be rich. Let me introduce to you Macromedia Fireworks, the "Premier Production Tool for Creating Web Graphics."

The tools palette in Fireworks is no different from other graphics programs.

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