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Editor's Notebook

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff.

Harvey Deneroff

TV Land International

A few years ago, it was often the case that American producers cared little about the international market for TV shows. While they did not ignore it, the amount of revenues the global market generated seemed insignificant compared to what was generated by licensing fees to US networks and syndication sales to independent stations. However, with the proliferation of new television outlets around the world, including cable and satellite services, the international market has become more than just a sidebar to producers in the United States and around the world.

Despite the efforts of various countries, the US and Japan still maintain a commanding lead in their share of the global TV animation market. Thus, broadcasters around the world continue to look toward American companies like Nickelodeon for leadership in things animated. In "Nickelodeon Goes Global," Michael Goldman interviews Nick International executive Lisa Jordan about the key role animation is playing as the innovative cable network expands its reach into Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

On the other hand, Hearst Entertainment is depending on the clout of its media conglomerate parent and its Venezuelan partner to debut a new, all-animation channel for Latin America. I explore the whys and wherefores of this new venture in my article, "Locomotion: The Animation Channel."

Pamela Schechter's "TV's Fall Animation Lineup" details in considerable detail what the forthcoming season bodes in the all-important American television marketplace, and explores the implications of such happenings as Disney's takeover of Capital Cities/ABC.

Our all too brief look at television concludes with Karen Paterson's "Crocadoo Entertains with Energee," a portrait of an innovative new Australian studio which is trying to break into the international multimedia marketplace.

The Seattle area has lately developed into a center for interactive animation of the type found on the now ubiquitous CD-ROMs. In "Listen Up, It's Playtime," Judith Shane profiles Headbone Interactive and explores the various design and animation issues such producers face.

Jackie Leger continues in her series of profiles of American experimental animators with "Larry Jordan," who "creates a magical universe of work using old steel engravings and collectable memorabilia."

In terms of festivals and conferences, we present two reports on Hiroshima 96: Filmmaker Monique Renault has presented us with her diary detailing her experiences as juror at one of Asia's two major international festivals; in addition, our own Wendy Jackson gives a more newsy view of the proceedings. William Moritz also reports on Rio de Janeiro's Anima Mundi Festival, while Kellie Bea Rainey checks in from SIGGRAPH 96, the world's premiere computer graphics conference, which was held this year in New Orleans.

Finally, John Dilworth, reviews John Payson's new film made for MTV, in "The Cockroaches of Joe's Apartment," while Frankie Kowalski has gathered her Desert Island picks this month from a variety of TV animation folk from around the world.

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