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On A Desert Island With....Asian Animators

Ram Mohan, and Frank Saperstein.

This month, we asked two people related to this issue's theme of animation in Asia what films they would want to have with them if stranded on a desert island. Ram Mohan is president of RM-USL Animation in India. Frank Saperstein is producer and creative director of the Malaysian animated series, Kampung Boy.

Ram Mohan's Top Ten:

1. Bambi (Disney). 2. The Man Who Planted Trees by Fredéric Back. 3. Labyrinth by Jan Lenica. 4. Pas de Deux by Norman McLaren. 5. Jungle Book (Disney). 6. The Yellow Submarine (TVC). 7. The animated sequences from Pink Floyd's The Wall (MGM, animation directed by Gerald Scarfe). 8. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney). 9. Night of the Galaxy Express by Hayao Miyazaki. 10. All of The Simpsons shows I can get...Is that cheating?

Frank Saperstein's Favorites:

1. Nine "Looney Tunes" (Warner Bros). 2. Bambi (Disney).